Forum Announcement: Rules of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion
Last Change: March the Eighteenth, 2014

We ask you to visit this page frequently so that you are always up to date about our rules, policies and guidelines, as they will be updated from time to time. The forum staff reserves the right to change the rules without prior notice to the members. The severity of the warning is at the discretion of the issuing forum staff.

Warning Level:

The highest warning level you can get is 100%, where 100% means a permanent and immediate ban.

Forum Rules:
  1. Do not insult, flame or attack guests, members, sponsors (VPS Providers) or the forum staff.
  2. Do not spam in the forums, private messages or the shoutbox (You can read here what we consider as spam).
  3. We do not encouraged the usage of online translators such as Google Translate, however if you don't speak English we allow them to be used.
  4. Do not create multiple accounts (includes but is not limited to: a) multiple accounts on the same IP address, b) multiple accounts on different IP addresses, c) friends who sign up through one IP address). If multiple accounts are detected they and their root will be banned permanently from our system including the names, e-mail addresses and IP addresses or whole IP address ranges. One account per IP address!
  5. Do not offer services or goods in exchange for points or reputation points.
  6. Do not beg or ask for donations of points, reputation points, VPSs or money in posts, private messages or the shoutbox.
  7. Do not use the quote function when not necessary (You can read here what we consider as excessive quoting).
  8. Do not ask how or where to get a free VPS from FreeVPS Directory & Discussion (You can read it here).
  9. It is not allowed to say that you want a VPS or ask/beg for a VPS in a VPS giveaway announcement or any other announcement (This is simply spam so don't do it!).
  10. It is not allowed to copy and paste small and large parts of text for e.g a tutorial or just a thread. If you copy your own work from your site please provide a proof that you really made it.
  11. Use the post report button only to report illegal/spam posts. It should not be used for any other reason.
  12. A signature may not be taller than 150px at a screen resolution of 1024x768 and may not contain excessive animation or advertising.
  13. Do not excessively or impolitely beg or ask members, sponsors or the forum staff to look at your thread via private messages or in the shoutbox. It's totally up to themselves whether they want to look at your thread or not.
  14. Adfly links (or similar services) and referral links are not allowed in posts, signatures and on the profile page.
  15. Anything related to piracy (pirated software, music, videos, games, etc..) and other illegal actions (such as hacking, fraud, bruteforce programs/scripts/applications, mail bomber/spam programs/scripts/applications, etc...) is forbidden. Violations of this rule result in a punishment of 80% warning level and 10% permanent warning level.
  16. Do not post sub-standard VPS reviews (Click here to find out what sub-standard reviews are). Sub-standard reviews will be removed and a 10% warning level warning may be issued for one week.
  17. Do not bump old threads with off topic, spam or low quality posts.
  18. Do not post hateful, racist or harassment oriented sites or content, sites promoting illegal activities or content or pornographic sites or content.
  19. If you want to thank a member use the reputation function of MyBB, do not post so called "Thanks posts".

The rules above also apply for our Facebook page and our Google+ community.

Important Links:
Please note that we do not tolerate any of our rules being copied. Any content posted in our forums is subject to our rules, and we do not appreciate copying our content without prior permission.