7day trial
Why should people give your their login details for their trial account?
No not their login to tell me how to login because i created an account with them and i dont know how to login you see maybe someone knows
You probably login here:
Nice but, not so good everything is on czech and you cant translate everything so thats good only for czech peoples Tongue you have another quality vps trials Smile
I used Debain.
Also, its been about an hour and i haven't gotten any email. I can't log in to the link provided by Nevil either. When i try it says "Error: #30 You are not authorized to access the system".
So you are using win7 and chose debian sever
Yeah thats what i registered with. But i never got the email or anything.
i also havent got my account
I am gonna try again with a different email provider.
Thank you FreeVPS and Hostigation for my VPS 18.
If you get an email immediately can you post the email provider thats if you get the email quicker

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