Forum Announcement: VPS Review Guidlines
There are a few guidelines and rules that we would like to keep in mind as you write and post your review!
As always, if you have any feedback regarding these rules, please PM a staff member.

  1. Your review must consist of more than posting a few benchmarks.
    Not sure what to write about? Maybe this thread will help you
  2. Use services such as to post results of benchmark (eg: Byte UnixBench output).
  3. You may post reviews of VPSs that you have paid for, or VPSs from providers not associated with FreeVPS
    If you are posting a review of a paid for VPS, please include a link to the provider's website and the price of the VPS to prevent multiple replies asking for this information.
  4. Replies to reviews that simply say something like "Nice VPS, good specs" etc, will be considered spam and deleted.
    Please try to reply constructively. You could ask more about the VPS that wasn't mentioned, maybe suggest running a benchmark script that wasn't used to help the user improve their review.
  5. Reviews that we believe are below standard will be deleted.
    A warning will not be issued like in the past, unless you persistently post reviews that do not meet these rules.