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Are game servers allowed on your VPS?

Generally game servers are allowed on our VPSs. However some providers have restrictions. We have a game server policy where you can see which providers allow game servers and which have restrictions. The game server policy is available here. Don't forget to read the ToS/AUP of our providers, too.

How to get a free VPS?

To get a VPS here you have to post in the forums to gain points and posts that will contribute to your score. An overview of how many points you get for different tasks on the forum (like posting) is available at this page. Once you have reached at least 30 posts and a score of 55 you are allowed to take part in our giveaways and apply for a free VPS. Giveaway announcements are always posted on the 15th of every month in this forum.

Once a giveaway announcement has been posted you can post your application in this forum. Applications have to be submitted in the following format visible here. Applications in a wrong format may be ignored by us without any further notice. VPSs are given out usually 2 days after the giveaway announcement was posted. If you've won a VPS you will get a reply with the login details for the VPS. And you will be transferred to the "FreeVPS VPS Owner" group. If you didn't win a VPS you will get a reply saying so and your application will be locked. You can reapply for any other VPS for up to a day after, if you meet the minimum requirements.

We give out VPSs based on score of the users. The higher your score is the higher your chance is to win your desired VPS. An example: One VPS 1 is available in the giveaway. User A has a score of 120 and applied for VPS 1. You have a score of 130 and you also applied for VPS 1. Because you have a higher score than User A you win the VPS 1. The system is based on competition because our stock of VPSs is limited. However new members can easily get one of the smaller VPSs from the beginning.

How do I keep my VPS?

To keep your VPS you have to be active on the forum and follow our rules, terms and conditions and of course the ToS/AUP of the provider that sponsored your VPS. In addition to this normal requirement, If you have one VPS, you have to make 15 posts per month, keep your warning level below 50% and meet the special requirements of your VPS. Should you have two VPSs, you have to make 30 posts per month, keep your warning level below 50% and meet the special requirements of your VPS.

Special requirements are extra requirements you have to meet to keep your VPS. They are specified by our sponsors. Special requirements could be a review on our forum about the VPS or backlinks to our forum and the site of the sponsor of your VPS. You can see the special requirements for your VPS here.

What is the meaning of "low quality posts"?

Low quality posts are posts that are either too short, go off topic, have no meaningful content (not a contribution towards the thread or make no sense) or violate the forum rules in other any other way. Another word for these posts is also "spam". However not all posts that are low quality posts have to be spam. We prefer to say low quality posts instead of spam. Real spam nowadays is more or less advertising by bots for shady sites, illegal things and other really annoying things.

What is a VPS?

VPS is the short form of Virtual Private Server. VPSs are servers that have been virtualized on real physical servers. One physical machine can hold many virtual servers. You can read more about what a VPS is on Wikipedia. If you are looking for a VPS you should already know what a VPS is.

I got my VPS on DD/MM/YYYY, from which dates I need to make monthly posts?

You do not need to make 15 posts during the month you have received your VPS as we count your 30 post minimum requirement as the posts for that month. Therefore you need to start making posts on the 1st day of the month after you received your VPS. For example, if you got your VPS on the 17th of January, you will be required to start posting on the 1st of February, and make at least 15 posts by the end of February to keep your VPS during March and so on.

Why aren't we allowed to contact providers?

You are not allowed to contact providers about your FreeVPS VPS because their servers have been sponsored to us to give to you. We are responsible for providing support or contacting the sponsors if it is out of our control. The sponsorship is between us and the provider. However you are the one who gets the VPS. We are basically like resellers. So you contact us and if necessary we will contact the providers.

Are we treated by providers as regular clients? Do we get identical protections (backups etc)? What's our status?

Generally you are being treated like a normal customer of the provider. However we have our own terms and conditions that apply together with those of our providers because the providers and we offer this service for free. You can find our terms and conditions here. For the terms and conditions of our providers please check their ToS/AUP.

The VPSs we provide are unmanaged! We do not have to provide backups nor do the providers have to provide backups. You are responsible for having backups of what you host.

Why did some of my posts disappear/got deleted quietly some time after submission?

Most of the time when posts got deleted it's because of low quality posting. We encourage all our members and newcomers to make quality posts and not spamming over the forum (read this). Another reason why they might get deleted could be that they broke the forum rules. If you still want a reason you can contact any of our staff, they will give you a brief reason why it happened and what you can do to prevent it in future as warning levels will be applied if there's no change.

Why do some sections look empty?

Sections of the forum that look empty are private forums where only you can see what you posted and staff replies to your threads. No one other than you and the staff can see what you've posted in a private forum.

I got a warning which I believe is unfair, can I appeal?

You can appeal in the Feedback & Suggestions forum by creating a thread and explaining everything as good and as detailed as you can. This is a PUBLIC APPEAL! Should the issue be of legitimate private manner contact the staff member that issued the warning.

Some nationalities cannot get a VPS here. Why is this so?

If you live in a country that the US has a current trade sanction against, we cannot give you a VPS.

I have got a license for Windows. Can I have a Windows VPS?

You can install Windows with your Windows license where it is possible. This requires hardware virtualization such as KVM and of course the provider must allow Windows and have Windows ISOs.

My VPS usage is allowed but due to its nature/my nature/users nature it attracts frequent attacks. Whose responsibility is it to prevent attacks?

You as the holder of the VPS are responsible to prevent attacks.

I'd like to be a sponsor here. What are the conditions? Who should I contact?

If you'd like to become a sponsor, here is what you should know. First of all we only accept sponsorships from companies and not from private individuals. Your company must be at least 6 months old (that also means at least 6 months business). Contact Optimus or Ignis in a private message. Include what you'd like to sponsor, your conditions, special requirements, restrictions and links to your ToS/AUP and similar.

If I own one or two VPSs and I wish to release one or both VPSs, what should I do?

This is possible, if you wish to release one or both VPSs owned by you, all you need to do is to contact our Giveaway Manager by a private message, stating clearly the VPS you wish to release.

You can also simply open a thread in the Private VPS Help & Support forum and explain there that you'd like to cancel your VPS(s) and why you would like to cancel it/them.

How and where can I get support?

You can get support from the community but keep in mind we're an unmanaged VPS provider. Our support desk is divided into 3 different categories, the first one is the support for FreeVPS VPSs only, the second one is our Private Help & Support, where only the community staff will assist you, and the third and last one is 3rd Party Help & Support where you can request help and support for Non-FreeVPS VPSs.

How long will this service be free?

The service will be free as long as you complete your monthly post requirement. We cannot control extreme cases such termination of sponsorships by our sponsors (which rarely happens) or sponsors that shut down their business.

What happens if I can't make 15/30 posts per month?

If you own one VPS: in case you didn't make up 15 posts before our post counts you will be given a chance to make up missing posts. If you fail to complete the required posts during the given time period you will lose your VPS because you didn't meet the monthly post requirement.

If you own two VPSs: in case you didn't make up 30 posts for your two VPSs before our post count you will be given a chance to make up missing posts. If you fail to complete 30 posts but managed to make at least 15 posts you will lose your second VPS only. If you also fail to make at least 15 posts you will lose both of your VPSs because you've failed to meet the monthly post requirement for two VPSs.

What happens if I exceed the VPS monthly traffic limit?

Normally the account gets suspended, until the counter gets reset which usually happens on the first day of every month.

How long will it normally take to get my first free VPS?

In most cases you can get a beginner level VPS in your first giveaway already. If you aim too high at the beginning you of course won't get a VPS if your score is too low and you request a VPS with high specifications. The best way is to start small and grow up to bigger VPSs.

What is the meaning of "warning level" and how it is calculated?

Warning level is what it says it is. If you violate rules you get warnings. The warning levels shows how many warnings you've received and their impact. There is no special calculation formula for warning level. Depending on the offence we decide how much warning level is given.

My ISP provides dynamic IPs. If someone else creates multiple accounts with similar IP range, will I mistakenly get banned too?

No, you will not get banned as long as we know that you are you and that you didn't create the multiple accounts. Many ISPs provide dynamic IP addresses so we review everything before taking necessary steps.

Can I ask for concession if I suddenly become extremely busy and cannot meet the minimum post requirement?

We can understand that you couldn't meet the post requirement for a month or so but only with a valid reason, all you need to do is to contact our Giveaway Manager.

Can I request an upgrade for my VPS with better CPU/memory?

Sorry, but we do not offer upgrades for the VPSs. VPSs here are provided "as-is". Resources of the VPSs cannot be upgraded unless our sponsors decide to upgrade the sponsored VPS plans. And we don't sell VPSs available here or VPS addons.

How is score calculated?

Score is calculated with a special formula where your posts, points and reputations are used to get a final score. A score calculator is available here.

What's the use of reputation and points?

Reputation points contribute towards your score and they show who is helpful and famous around the forum.

If I post my real name and contact information in the VPS Requests forum won't everyone get to see it?

No, this is a private section of the forum where only you will see what you post on it and the community staff. No other users have access to it, the data you've submitted remains private and safe.

I forgot my password so I tried the "lost password" function, but the password it sent me doesn't work. What do I do now?

Please send an email to our Administrators Optimus and we will reset your password as soon as possible. Please note that you must send us the email from the address that your FreeVPS account is linked to (for verification).

If I win a VPS, I have more than 55 score, and more than 30 posts, but I made these 30 posts in the previous month then do I have to make additional 15 posts in this half month or it isn't necessary?

You don't have to make extra 15 posts in the month in that you won the VPS however keep in mind that from the next month on you will have to make 15 posts per month to keep your VPS regardless of the amount of posts you've made in previous months.

Can I get a free domain here and how?

We do not provide free domains. Please check our Free related services forum for possible free domain offers and links to free second level domain services.

How to keep my VPS from getting hacked?

Secure your VPS properly. Keep your operating system and all packages up to date. Update software you host and don't use plugins/addons with security holes. Don't give anyone else access to your VPS.

Below are a few guidelines you should read and follow to secure your VPS:

You should also keep an eye on our security & privacy forum for news regarding security vulnerabilities and updates.

How do I get started with a VPS?

To get started with a VPS you need Linux knowledge and a few tools. To connect to your VPS you need a SSH client like PuTTY. The SSH client will allow you to remotely access your server. To transfer files between your computer and the VPS you can use WinSCP, FileZilla, Cyberduck or other SFTP/SCP clients. With these clients you can use the file server built into SSH to move files around in the VPS and from the VPS to your computer/backwards. If you use Linux you should already have the necessary Linux knowledge with the Linux command line. As a Linux user you can use the command line SSH client "ssh" and the command line SFTP client "sftp" to access the VPS and transfer files.

To be clear: we will not teach you how to use and operate Linux. This is a requirement you should meet before even thinking about getting a VPS. This is basic knowledge you need to operate a VPS. The lack of this basic knowledge can lead to people doing a lot of very dangerous things. And in the end we have to deal with everything and we're responsible for everything that happens.

We expect you to have the necessary knowledge if you get a VPS. More resources for further experience and knowledge can be found in our Tutorials forum and all around the forum, Google and the whole Internet.

What are "backlinks" and where do I have to place them?

The word "backlink" consists of the two words "back" and "link". A backlink (pl: backlinks) therefore is a link that links back to another site. In our case we ask you to place two links on your site that link back to a) us ( and b) the sponsor of your VPS (links to their homepages are available here). You can read more about backlinks on this Wikipedia page.

You are free to place the backlinks wherever you want on your website. We suggest using your website footer with a line like "Hosting sponsored by" where and YourVPSSponsor are the links. In a blog you can also add the links to your blogroll or elsewhere.

Backlinks are only necessary when you host a website on your VPS. If you put backlinks in your game server, TeamSpeak server or elsewhere we have nothing against it. You're very welcome to do so but it's not necessary required by us.

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