Poll: What you prefer AMD Or INTEL
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AMD or Intel?
I prefered AMD for bet gaming experince which you will not get on any intel.
But i have to say an intel system  has make a milestone with the I7
AMD offers relatively cheap, but good CPUs. Intel offers powerful, but expensive CPUs. Clearly, if you need a cheap CPU, go to AMD. If you need something really powerful, use Intel.
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AMD is always trying to stay upt to date with the latest stuff such as opengl. last time i checked AMD had a graphics card that supports opengl 4.5 and intel was still back at 4.3 with there latest graphics card
AMD is for gaming but intel is not gaming. If you are a gamer then you need AMD but if you are not then Intel is good for you.
In term of reliability INTEL is better. All my INTEL CPUs, no matter how old they are, just never die out. And I have a few AMD CPUs dead already.

Of course you always need to weight the costs when you do comparison... but my vote goes to INTEL for sure.
Intel have a good quality and technology, but have a price for get it.

AMD APUs is a good choice for low-mid end gaming devices (i liked some features like Hybrid Crossfire with GPU + APU graphics)
AMD's current offerings are not good for most tasks, sadly. They need to catch up, more competition would be nice -- Intel's offerings have been meh in the last years. Since the i5-2500k, we have had relatively shy increases in gaming performance (and IPC):


The i3 beats the FX-6300, and, at rare cases, even an FX-8350!


Even AMD's "flagship" FX-9590 cannot compete with modern i5s:


(Remember: gaming is still single-core bound for the most parts, as are common activities)
AMD is still a very valid option for users that need multithreaded performance in a budget, such as video editing.
i really like INTEL because is flexible and get more powerfull specs for pc. my last cpu is amd but i dont like because is comming hot .
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amd very cheap work perfect
intel very expensive work better amd
For gaming i am gonna vote for AMD. It is also cheaper than Intel.

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