Running a SOCKS proxy over ssh
My work place doesn't allow instant IM by blocking ports. Here's one way to workaround it assuming port 22 is open:

plink.exe can be found with Putty:

Then just run:
plink -v -C -D 1080 <your VPS ip address>

Then in your IM program or browser or whatever you are trying to use set SOCKS proxy to point to your local ip address ( and port 1080. If the program doesn't let you use a SOCKS proxy (most do) then you can use a program called sockscap to redirect to a SOCKS proxy.

(2010-10-05, 11:13:21 pm)madmegatron Wrote:  assuming port 22 is open

You can change the ssh port to anything you want, so if 22 is not but another is you can change it to that port unless you need it for whatever is intended to run there.
If your vps is ipv6 enabled you can also browse the ipv6 network with a socks proxy.
but the VPSs given away here are not.
couldn't you just goto a proxy?
This is faster than any free proxy.
You shouldn't need plink to do this, you can do this with just Putty, here's how

Most free proxies are slow, but there are some good ones out there

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