1 VPS1 and 1 VPS5 Available
If you want it and meet the requirements, say so here.

I guess the ones who have this VPS and are newbies find it hard to get the hand of it, particularly because of its low guaranteed RAM, and how OpenVZ accounts memory.
this barely has any ram, who would you run even mysql on it?
the RAM is too low.. Sad
If you optimize MySQL correctly, it might run on 64MB Ram...
malietjie.co.cc is what I use my VPS for Tongue
with an a webserver?
The VPS running FreeVPS.us struggles to use more than 64mb ram
(09-23-2011, 03:08 AM)ninetailfox97 Wrote: with an a webserver?

Yes that can be done! LowEndBox has their bootstrapper thingamajig that uses around 64MB RAM on an OVZ VPS.

It can be crammed in less than 24 MB. Ofcourse, not with dmm's script. It'll give an error.

P.s: I used to ran an entire hosting company on an OVZ VPS in 22 MB RAM.
it is a little low on ram i will wait for next free vps

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