Where to sell Cannon sx710hs used
     I have a Cannon sx710hs which i bought on 11/5/2016 from a local store. Used only a couple of times. In excellent condition and have some warranty left of it's 2 years.

I lost the battery charger and those cables etc along with a folio bag ( battery has full charge as of now). Now, I'm not happy with all the offers i got from acquaintances so far and hence decided to sell it online.

Please share if you have any good experience with an online site selling such things. Oh, I'm in India. 


Here is the review page on Amazon India. 
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On eBay you can sell it. Register on the US, UK, or DE site, but the largest is the US site which is mainly for international trades.
And you have to pay some percentage of the selling price to eBay.

But I advise to buy cheap 3rd party accessories first, because without accessories you can sell it for only much less.
Thanks HXY, I have no experience selling second hand items like this. About your second point, what if i point them towards such items and deduct the price ? That way i will have to pay less to eBay and lose less due to transaction charges. I mean i couldn't possibly claim to have original accessories and supply those cheap duplicate ones. Even if possible, i don't want to do that Tounge
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
Are you familiar on eBay as a buyer?
If not then I suggest you to buy something cheap from China first.
It could be the camera cables and chargers for example.

Then sell something cheap for first.

There are a lot of scammer sellers and a lot scammer buyers too. So be aware.

Yeah. I have plenty of experience buying and i hope i know some of the ways one could spot a scammer. Best being carefully checking the reviews. But what i don't understand is how this is going to help what i hope to do.
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Selling cameras online is a pain in ass. People buy used stuff only if they see a offer that is too good to skip. Ebay probbly is the best place but first search similar auctions and get an idea about the price. Sometimes you might find all the hassle is not worth enough. If buyer dioesnt receive the camera you will have to refund or you will have to use more expensive method of shipping with a tracking no.
Hmm. Dang Tounge Indeed it does seem so from all the reading and research I did so far. May be something like olx and local meetup will have to do then. May be craigslist and similar sites to post an advert and meet the potential buyer in a neutral place and all that. Thanks for your suggestion !

I guess those big sellers gain from selling a lot of second hand things.
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
As everyone saying using Ebay or some other seller-customer kind of site would be good, but if you are really looking for genuine person to sell it, you should put that buyer's hat for a second and search google. Top result sites are the sites that you should try placing your product on. Good luck.
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As for Indians here is OLX.in still at number one you can also try quickr you will get a buyer as soon someone sees your listing or you can try any GEO-located service that supports ad listing or something like that.
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As other have suggested already I would say eBay or either you could try eBid (not sure about the last one)
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