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Hello Members and Visitors,

I want to share some free VPN services I know with you.

As you probably know or not, I already shared a free VPN service provider here, which unhappily is unuseable now because of abusers.

So I've been searching for new solutions and found a few. They are free and pretty good compared to the last one I shared. There are some certain limitations that came with the new services, but don't worry.

Let's start Smile.

1. ProXVPN

What is ProXVPN (Description)?
Quote:[nopoints]proXPN is a free, cross-platform VPN service that focuses on securing the communication and preventing ISP logging system and other external sources from checking the websites you visit. It provides strong encryption to secure the data transmission, and has the ability to protect almost all types of connections including DSL, 3G and cable internet. proXPN also works on smart phones that support PPTP VPN service including iPhone, iPod and Windows Phone.

proXPN VPN client is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. It requires you to sign up the service to download and install the client. Once done, enter username and password, choose the VPN server location, and click Connect to establish connection with proXPN VPN service.[/nopoints]

The free account allows connecting with Miami (US) VPN server only. You need to buy premium on their site to activate other countries.


2. CyberGhost

What is CyberGhost (Description)?
CyberGhost provides the utility of accessing blocked websites that track IP or geo locations to impose access restrictions. Not only does it bring anonymity to your connection by spoofing the ISP-provided external IP, it also offers VPN features such as 128 bit SSL encryption to prevent websites and crawling bots from tracking your system location. Unlike TunnelBear, it provides a convenient web app to view your VPN account statistics and get information on websites, online data portals, content sharing platforms etc., that you visit during the CyberGhost sessions. According to official community, it routes all the data send and receive requests through CyberGhost servers to keep the communication between client system and connected VPN servers secure from external source.[/nopoints]

CyberGhost has some cool features that may come helpful with hiding the identify such as deleting cookies at disconnection from VPN. Like with ProXVPN you need to buy premium for more countries and other things.


3. RiccoVPN

What is RiccoVPN (Description)?
If you're looking for a VPN service to access restricted regions within your country, RicoVPN is worth a try. Although its premium service packs a host of VPN specific features such as selecting IP from specified country, unlimited bandwidth, time-based auto IP change etc., the basic version doesn't allow users to access country restricted websites. When you connect with Ricco VPN server, it starts encrypting the communication to prevent data transfer process from deciphering attacks. Like all VPN services, it replaces your ISP provided external IP with its own IP to bypass access restrictions imposed on local websites.[/nopoints]

For more you need to buy their plus version called RiccoVPN Plus which has a few more features and all that other stuff mentioned on their site.

URL: (RiccoVPN not RiccoVPN Plus!!!)

4. Spotflux

What is Spotflux (Description)?
Providing both client and clientless VPN connection, RaptorVPN offers PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling) and L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling) servers to not only encrypt the communication but also apply effective data integrity techniques. RaptorVPN recommends using spotflux as VPN client software to connect with VPN servers. However, you can choose to connect with its VPN serves without installing any intermediary software.

The client software requires nothing except login credentials to connect with the service. Before you launch the application, sign up with the service. On the main interface, enter the username and password to login, and to connect with the VPN server. The spotflux sits in system tray, letting you connect/disconnect with VPN servers and bring up the main window.

No premium to buy. Just a totally free service Smile.


5. ExpatShield and HotSpotShield

What are ExpatShield and HotSpotShield (Description)?
ExpatShield and HotSpotShield are two separate VPN services from AnchorFree, providing US and UK based IPs, respectively. The ExpatShield works just like HotSpotShield, and needs somewhat similar pack of tools to provide access to UK restricted websites. If you aren't familiar with HotSpotShield, it is primary VPN service by AnchorFree that lets users access US restricted websites from outside America. Both services require installing clients to establish connection with respective VPN servers.

After the installation, the client software will sit in system tray, enabling you to connect and disconnect the connection. The client software is basically a web based utility, and operates from a browser.[/nopoints]

URL: and

6. Free Comodo VPN

What is a free Comodo VPN (Description)?
Quote:A free VPN from Comdo is a OpenVPN client with configurations for their servers and a login relay. You have 10GB traffic per month for free!!! Free for lifetime.
(Thanks to aatish910)


7. PacketiX.NET Secure Internet Service VPN

What is PacketiX.NET Secure Internet Service VPN (Description)?
Quote:[nopoints]With the PacketiX.NET Secure Internet Service, you can transfer data over the Internet through an encrypted VPN tunnel.
The service is free of charge.

All data transmissions are routed over a secure gateway server and encrypted by SSL. Regardless whether over a wireless LAN, where anybody could intercept the traffic, or over a public Internet access service, you with encryption achieve maximum security against eavesdropping.
(Thanks to Mindhunter)[/nopoints]


8. TOR

What is TOR (Description)?
Quote:[nopoints]Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis

Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location. Tor works with many of your existing applications, including web browsers, instant messaging clients, remote login, and other applications based on the TCP protocol.[/nopoints]


I'm sure the most of you know CyberGhost and HotSpotShield already. Expatshield is new to me. ProXVPN is also new to me but I heared of it before, never used it though.

Spotflux is really good as it has no traffic or bandwidth limitations. It even plays a 720P or 1080P video on Youtube without flaws or huge buffers.

I use Spotflux when I need a VPN.

That's it Wink


Also useful , but I don't use it anymore.


Added new VPNs.

- Free Comodo VPN (aatish910)
- PacketiX.NET Secure Internet Service VPN
I have used several free services from the list above, and everything is very stable and has good speed, if you have to use PPTP vpn service?

you may add this : <-- you try it ur self Smile
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I use hotspot all the time. It's good for all kinds of stuff, and gives you USA ip. I use it to do surveys . I will put this thread in bookmarks since I am gonna need these stuff.
I found similar thread on hackforums but I can't find it now.

Does anyone use TOR ?
Thanks for the list, I've used Hotspot Shield for quite a time now, but I will try Spotflux! Cheese

(2012-04-04, 8:22:47 am)vwchox Wrote:  Does anyone use TOR ?
I use it sometimes, quite handy too have available on your computer, but mostly I use Hotspot Shield.
tor is slow but I like it more since I feel it's better protection from others and hotspotshield. For example tor browser bundle has everything. I just start it and FF browser without any tracking options enabled is there.

I see that Spotflux is also good. Cheese
The browser bundle is good, indeed. I generally use Firefox for secure browsing with Tor and torbutton, and then use Safari or Chrome for more general surfing.
Your link to the Comodo VPN thread was broken because of the comma, so I fixed it.
(2012-04-04, 9:23:42 am)Magnuz Wrote:  The browser bundle is good, indeed. I generally use Firefox for secure browsing with Tor and torbutton, and then use Safari or Chrome for more general surfing.

Has anyone noticed that when you try to register for YouTube account using TOR it doesn't ask for a phone number verification? Or is it just me. Cheese
I also use TOR Browser, but very slow and sometimes proxy is in use do not work,
so I thought if only to make browsing as an alternative to the VPN I use SuperHideIP Tounge
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I am currently using CyberGhost premium account, Its one of the better ones out there but takes a lot of time to load up and get connected to the proxy of our choice.
However it has a large number of premium servers.

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