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4 VPSs Available! - December Giveaway 2016 - cw1998 - 2016-12-16

4 VPSs Available! 

VPSs Available:
  • 1x VPS 3
  • 1x VPS 4
  • 1x VPS 9
  • 1x VPS 12
  • 3x 1x VPS 14
  • 3x VPS 15
  • 1x VPS 17
  • 7x 1x VPS 18
  • 1x VPS 20
  • 1x VPS 21
Compare VPSs here:,4,9,12,14,15,17,18,20,21

The winners will be decided on Saturday 17th December 2016

Good Luck!

Important note if you are applying for a VPS 15. Please include in your request which operating system you would like installed, and in which location you want the VPS (if multiple locations are available). Please say if you have no preference, and any location available will be selected automatically. If you do not specify which OS you want, your request may be delayed, or if demand is high, your request may be ignored, and given to another requesting user.

Information on owning two VPSs:

Please read the information in this thread for information on owning 2 VPSs:

  1. By applying for a VPS, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.
  2. Make sure you meet the requirements, the requirements page also details how you can go about applying for a VPS.
  3. If you want a VPS, post your application in the VPS Requests forum (before you do this read How to apply).
  4. Read the how to apply guide before applying. Applications in a wrong format or with missing entries may be ignored!
  5. Read the game server policy before applying!

RE: 20 VPSs Available - Lampard - 2016-12-16

It is nice to see that there are a lot of VPS available in this giveaway, and the people with low scores has got a chance to win VPS 14, as its good VPS.

RE: 20 VPSs Available - Abdul Sami - 2016-12-16

Good to see 7x VPS 18, As it is a amazing VPS with amazing power.
Good luck to those who applied!

RE: 20 VPSs Available - Nanang - 2016-12-16

nice to see a lot vps available, but now I'm happy with vps which I have, because it is only limited
good luck anyone

RE: 20 VPSs Available - Kururin - 2016-12-16

Lots of awesome vpses as always! Galaxyhostplus surely is generous with their specs Happywide

RE: 20 VPSs Available - Deleted User 19772 - 2016-12-16

Good servers as usual! Cheese
Good luck to everyone applying for a VPS this giveaway.

and btw, host4fun servers don't have swap anymore, you should probably update the comparison script.

RE: 20 VPSs Available - Hidden Refuge - 2016-12-16

(2016-12-16, 3:57:16 pm)CyberHawk Wrote:  and btw, host4fun servers don't have swap anymore, you should probably update the comparison script.

The VPS comparison list says "Custom*" and in the legend below the list of the VPSs there is an explanation.

KVM = hardware virtualization = you can add Swap yourself during and after installation.

RE: 20 VPSs Available - Lux - 2016-12-16

I wonder if swapping my VPS 2 with VPS 9 would be a good idea. Any thoughts?
I'm in need with a bigger memory, but location wise, it won't be good for me... hmmm.

Anyways, good luck to any other person applying for vps.

RE: 20 VPSs Available - Abdul Sami - 2016-12-16

@Lux .
Germany location is great.
The network speed is great tho.I think you should swap it.

RE: 20 VPSs Available - try3vps - 2016-12-16

Another nice giveaway list, although it seems they are a bit less powerful than the previous list. Still this time VPS 9 and VPS 17 are great for Europe and US locations. Good luck to all who are going to apply. Smile