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Christmas 2017 - Ignis - 2017-12-27

Dear members of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion,

As with every passing year, around the end of year holidays, a lot of our members often cannot find the time to complete their posts. Keeping with what we have done for a few years now, we would like to announce our "gift" to owners of a FreeVPS VPS. You will not have your VPS terminated if you are unable to complete your 15 or 30 posts this month (December 2017).

From all of the staff at FreeVPS, we wish you a very happy Christmas, and new Year!

Best wishes!
Jason (Ignis)
Giveaway Manager, FreeVPS Directory and Discussion

RE: Christmas 2017 - try3vps - 2017-12-27

Thank you for the "gift" Jason. Smile Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new Year too!

This is really a great news for all VPS owners, especially for those who won a second VPS this month.

RE: Christmas 2017 - rudra - 2017-12-27

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Ignis and HR and all the other staffs and users here on our forum. It has been such an enjoyable journey together. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year !! You people have loads of fun !

RE: Christmas 2017 - FlamesRunner - 2017-12-27

For whichever holiday you celebrated this year, I wish everyone the best into the new year Smile
Have a load of fun on New Year's eve you guys! And make sure to enjoy the fireworks!

RE: Christmas 2017 - Abdul Sami - 2017-12-27

Verryyyyy niceeeeeeeeeeee Cheese
I woke up all night till 5 am to complete my posting. And this came in the morning NICE Cheese

RE: Christmas 2017 - timelancer - 2017-12-27

i would like to say thank you from my ♥ hearth to Staffs of and to everyone && i wish you all Happy new year & Merry Christmas ♥

RE: Christmas 2017 - tukai - 2017-12-27

Yes, Thanks for this gifts. I am roaming for 2-3 weeks and no time to post. Thanks again.

RE: Christmas 2017 - JackRyder - 2017-12-28

Thanks for the "gift". Happy Holidays to everyone here.

RE: Christmas 2017 - Super - 2017-12-28

Merry Christmas to everyone at FreeVPS
Let's make FreeVPS even cooler next year! Smile

RE: Christmas 2017 - Gries - 2017-12-28

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks to FreeVPS for the "gift" Smile