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No Giveaway for March - Ignis - 2018-03-01

Due to most users this month moving from a VPS that was being terminated to a new VPS, as well as only 2 missing post PMs having to be sent this month and the reduced number of VPSes on hand, there will not be sufficient VPSes in the pool for a March giveaway. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; however, there is nothing that can be done.

Jason (Ignis)
Giveaway Manager | FreeVPS Directory and Directory and discussion

RE: No Giveaway for March - deanhills - 2018-03-01

@Ignis, I'm curious. How many FreeVPS VPS Owners are there?

RE: No Giveaway for March - Hidden Refuge - 2018-03-01

Just count the amount of VPSs in total together from the VPS Info page and you have your answer @deanhills

Since no VPS is left for giveaway thw stock is fully gone at that point until maybe next post count cycle.

RE: No Giveaway for March - deanhills - 2018-03-01

Reason I asked @HR, is that I counted the FreeVPS VPS Owners in our member list, and I found approximately 88 with FreeVPS VPS Owner status - which of course is out of sync with the approx 22 plus minus VPSs that we have. Someone - if and when time permitted of course - needs to go through the member list to change the status of those who do not have FreeVPS VPSs to member. The incorrect status is concentrated in recent up to last year November members - and then a scattering ongoing for a couple or more years back from before @Ignis's time.

RE: No Giveaway for March - dudex - 2018-03-01

I guess everyone saw this coming after at least 20 people lost their vps with termination of vps18. I guess everyone who owns a vps gonna hold to it without giving up.

@deanhills Probably there are previous vps18 holders who still having the vps owner status.

RE: No Giveaway for March - Hidden Refuge - 2018-03-01


Well, it seems to be easy to forget to update this. Afaik I was really the only one who ever managed to fully keep that group clean and up to date. Sure it takes time but as busy as most people are I can imagine why it gets lost.

You are as always worrying too much for no reason....

RE: No Giveaway for March - arsalahmed786 - 2018-03-02

OMG another sad announcement i was looking for new VPS this month i didn't win any VPS last month and VPS 18 are canceled.

RE: No Giveaway for March - thirthy_speed - 2018-03-02

Thanks for the heads up, Ignis. Thankfully I was able to acquire a new VPS to replace my retired VPS 18.

I agree with the sentiment that FreeVPS Owner user group being outdated is not really a major issue. It's not ideal yes, but it doesn't affect the functionality of in a significant way. That said, it might be a problem if a member does own a VPS but is not added to the FreeVPS Owner group because that would prevent the member from posting in the private support forum (correct me if I'm wrong).

RE: No Giveaway for March - MrThomas - 2018-03-03

Well, good for me lol. I'll be having exams in the month of march, and got some time too to get the requirements.

RE: No Giveaway for March - Super - 2018-03-04

Hey @Ignis my VPS 18 is still running. I have been using it thinking its gonna go down and its still up today hehe.