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Favorite Video Games? - Donutt42 - 2011-07-24

I'd like to take the time to find out some people's favorite video games; I've been trying to find new games to try but lately I haven't found much. So, if you could leave a reply with your favorite video game (preferably available on steam for PC) that would be great. Thanks for your input!

By the way: For me, my favorite PC game would have to be Minecraft. Of course that's an unoriginal answer, but it's my favorite game. Cheese I like it for the fact that you don't necessarily follow a set storyline; its almost completely open as to what happens and how the game turns out. What I would like for it to improve on would be the sort of progression; at the moment there's a very short amount of progression in the game; you hit a tree, make a pickaxe, get some stone, make another pickaxe, dig to the bottom of the map, get diamond. I wish it was a little bit more in depth than that.

Thanks again for reading this post.

RE: Favorite Video Games? - net_robber - 2011-07-27

warcraft - dota
and GTA

RE: Favorite Video Games? - xProfessionnel - 2011-07-27


RE: Favorite Video Games? - Exception - 2011-07-27

My favourite Xbox 360 games are L.A. Noire, GTA IV, Black Ops, Mafia II and many more. I forget the names at these type of times xD.

RE: Favorite Video Games? - Wolf95 - 2011-07-27

I like minecraft as well, It never gets old, especially with all the mods people make. I also like Terraria, it feels like a minecraft clone at first, but then as the game goes on it becomes alot different. I also Like TF2 and AVA. Those are solid FPS.

RE: Favorite Video Games? - Boltersdriveer - 2011-07-28

Team Fortress 2


RE: Favorite Video Games? - elipsa - 2011-07-28

Gta San Andreas Mutiplayer (SA:MP)

RE: Favorite Video Games? - Awesomeslayerg - 2011-08-02

Minecraft,gta sa, gta samp, tf2, halo and thats about it.. Tounge

RE: Favorite Video Games? - Antony500 - 2011-08-02

Minecraft, GTA IV, Halo III-Reach, and Angry Birds (lol?) on my Mac Cheese

RE: Favorite Video Games? - Bama - 2011-08-03

Call of duty modern warfare 2
black ops sucks!
modern warfare 3 will be epic