During September 2017 – one of our members started a reseller hosting account promotion by offering five FreeVPS.us members WHM/cPanel reseller accounts for six months in exchange for a review.  Here’s the thread where the offer was made:


When I checked out the Host’s Website – Limitlesshost.net – I was quite impressed with the professional “no frills” look of the Website.  At first glance it appeared that the business had locations both in the US (West Coast) and Europe.  The business is young – started in 2015 – and covers a wide range of cPanel shared hosting and VPSs, the specs of which are focused on limitless generous.  Usually I’m quite cynical when I see the reference limitless, but one soon discovers the Website is not just a “pretty face” and that the quality of the hosting can easily compare with big players like Siteground and Inmotion at a fraction of the price.

Reseller Hosting with a WHM panel and ability to create cpanel accounts is a new and recent addition to LimitlessHost’s business with the offer of three Reseller Plans:  Small (10 GB SSD – 1 TB Bandwidth – 2 US$/m), Medium (30 GB SSD – 10 TB Bandwidth – 5 US$/m) and Large (60 GB SSD – 20 TB Bandwidth – 10 US$/m).  For me it is an excellent idea as cPanel is very expensive and for someone who wants to start a new business it takes a big burden off having to worry about speed, safety and security when the host is taking care of it.

The owner provided me with a Medium/Large combo Reseller Package to review – the specs of the Reseller test package are the following:
  • 40 GB SSD
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts
  • Overselling Enabled
  • Full WHM and cPanel with Softaculous for all accounts
The location of the package is in Los Angeles which is a bit slow in comparison with my FreeVPS.us VPS as my ISP is located very far from the LA hub.  So if someone should subscribe to an account hopefully they will have a choice of an account in Europe if they are located far from Los Angeles.  As far as I know the Reseller Packages are only available in LA for now.  The lack in speed is however amply compensated by the efficiency of the system - like I don't really feel it until I'm in the Dashboard of my WordPress sites.  Whoever set up the server has set it up for maximum performance of the five star variety.  I’d imagine for someone living close to the LA Hub that the speed would be amazing, particularly considering that the server has latest technology like SSD, PHP7, CDN and more to make websites load super fast.

Setup and support of my account were fast, flawless and excellent.  It started with registration and the submission of a ticket.  Both worked efficiently and almost instantly and before I knew it I had all of the login details for the WHM and cPanel of the Reseller Account.  One thing I learned immediately was that the owner cares about his product and that there was someone behind the business who is making every effort he puts into the business his 100% effort.  I would be very surprised if someone would wait longer than an hour tops for a ticket to be answered.  Mine was answered and processed within minutes.

I found the WHM very easy to navigate and could see that it was set up with maximum security in mind.  For example I did not have Shell access, which I was happy about, as that is an automatic sign that the server has been set up to be secure.  Another great surprise was that my domain and or any domain I would add or park on my account has been set up to generate immediate self-signed certificates.  During my initial exploration of WHM I noticed that everything that is needed is there, and not more than that.  The missing parts made good sense for security.  I may make inquiries later however about Configserver, a great Firewall and IP manager if I should need to manage cPanel accounts in my WHM.  One of its features I like to use is to block and unblock IPs when cPanel support is needed.

One of the claims in the presentation of its hosting is that the LimitlessHost servers are WordPress Optimized and I can vouch for that.  First thing I did when I started to work with the reseller package was to set up a WordPress blog on my reseller account.  What I wanted to do was to import an existing WordPress site that I had to mothball when HostMada had closed its services.  This would be an excellent test to see how the Reseller Package would work with a WordPress site.  It worked beautifully.

WordPress Duplicator Plugin which is the plugin that is used to transport Websites is a great test in the sense that it asks for special server settings in order for the backup and unzipping of folders and files to work.  The Reseller Package worked perfect with the plugin. First part was to install the WordPress script from Softaculous and that was done well under five minutes. One doesn't even have to create a database first, it does that too almost instantly. I particularly like to install WordPress with the Softaculous installer in cPanel as it provides for advanced options to have the WordPress script, themes and plugins automatically updated and upgraded.   I then navigated to the config file, took down the name of the database, user and password that would be needed for the Duplicator Installer and renamed the config file.   I then downloaded the Duplicator Plugin to the new installation that is more or less instant to activate.  Next was to upload the Installer and Backup zipped files and I did this effortlessly with the cPanel File Manager.   Before I knew it I had the Installer Page up, and the mothballed site unzipped and loaded.  My WordPress site was up and running exactly as it was before I had to close it a month ago together with all of the original themes, plugins etc - like it's a clone of the original WP site.  My WordPress site was "copied" and installed fast, efficient and effortless, proof that Limitlesshost Reseller Package is optimised for use with WordPress!

Whoever set up the server on which my Reseller Account has been created did a fantastic job with the DNS.  I found the DNS and SSL were instantly created and the domain perfectly set up so I could create subdomains for my reseller accounts.  LimitlessHost.net has a fantastic support with ticket system, but the beauty of it is that I haven't had need to once use the ticket system so far as everything works fast, flawless and perfect state of the art from the get go.  For example I was wondering if I should offer cPanel accounts to others whether I'd be able to use another add on domain for free sub-domains with the cpanel package.  Would the DNS work automatically if I added the add on domain as a sub-domain of a new account?  I was completely delighted when it did.  A further nice surprise was that the DNS propagated almost immediately after I had changed the Name Servers at the Domain Registrar.  Creating an add on domain to work with new accounts and creating the new accounts were a breeze!  Compared with my experience of an older WHM where one would have to add DNS Zones as well as Self-signed Certificates to make all of it work.  All of those had been done for me with the Reseller Account. 

Most servers in the hosting business claim they are optimized for safety, but I have greater confidence in the security of Limitlesshost.net.  For the very reason that the owner had learned everything he knew about security from the hard knocks of taking care of games servers.  Prior to starting LimitlessHost.net, the owner had done extremely well (still is) with providing free Games Servers in exchange for posts.  He had done that for a while before he had started his business and that was a fantastic learning ground for what is important for speed and security for a server.  Right at the top of LimitlessHost.net there is a special tab for DDos Protection.  I believe that it is not just skin deep (reading that page shows it can't be) but that the protection means what it says after plenty of experience in the rough world of hosting games servers.  Another reason why I have confidence in LimitlessHost's security is the way WHM has been set up.  For example I wasn't given automatic shell access.  I've just been given enough privileges to set up and run cPanel accounts.  The person who set up WHM did it for safety and security and maximum performance.

I can truly recommend a reseller account with Limitlesshost.net.   I want to thank Lampard for the opportunity of using and testing the account.  Also for having as much fun with it as I'm having right now.  it's an awesome user experience so far.

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