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NodeBlade Server Review - VPS 14


This is my personal review of the VPS 10 that I swapped my previous server for during the July VPS giveaway. I've had this server for approximately 63 days at the time of writing. (Wednesday, 21st September, 2016). I am now able to express my opinion, concerns and so forth after using this server for two months.

Server Specifications & Requirements

Disk Size: 100 GB
Monthly Traffic: 1 TB
Memory: 1 GB & 1 GB vSwap
IP Addresses: 1x IPv4 & /80 IPv6
Virtualization: OpenVZ
Location: Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S
Control Panel: SolusVM
Connection: 1 Gbit/s
Looking Glass: http://lg.nj.nodeblade.com/
Provided by: NodeBlade
Terms: ToS
Special Requirements*: Backlinks to https://nodeblade.com/ and https://freevps.us required.
Additional Restrictions: No public/open proxies, VPNs or tunnels allowed! Game server policy applies! You cannot make any fiscal benefit by for example reselling hosting from your VPS.

When reading through the specifications, everyone can see that these server specifications are not bad and are appealing to most of us on this forum. They are fair when it comes to the restrictions and so are the Terms of Service. 

System Information & Benchmarks
Spoiler: show
System Info
Processor       : Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1245 V2 @ 3.40GHz
CPU Cores       : 4
Frequency       : 1600.000 MHz
Memory          : 1024 MB
Swap            : 0 MB
Uptime          : 6 days, 4:08,
OS              : CentOS release 6.7 (Final)
Arch            : x86_64 (64 Bit)
Kernel          : 2.6.32-042stab116.1
Hostname        : vpsnj

Network Performance test provided by FreeVPS.us
Spoiler: show
Speedtest (IPv4 only)
Location                Provider        Speed
CDN                     Cachefly        111MB/s
Atlanta, GA, US         Coloat          84.7MB/s
Dallas, TX, US          Softlayer       51.3MB/s
Seattle, WA, US         Softlayer       35.0MB/s
San Jose, CA, US        Softlayer       32.3MB/s
Washington, DC, US      Softlayer       1.77MB/s
Tokyo, Japan            Linode          4.72MB/s
Singapore               Softlayer       8.88MB/s
Rotterdam, Netherlands  id3.net         20.2MB/s
Haarlem, Netherlands    Leaseweb        52.5MB/s

Spoiler: show
Retrieving speedtest.net configuration...
Retrieving speedtest.net server list...
Testing from Host 1 Plus ...
Selecting best server based on latency...
Hosted by Towerstream (New York City, NY) [42.58 km]: 9.927 ms
Testing download speed........................................
Download: 892.94 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed..................................................
Upload: 144.88 Mbit/s
Share results: http://www.speedtest.net/result/5649701867.png

Real-time download of 1GB file provided by ThinkBroadband.
Spoiler: show
[root@vpsnj ~]# wget http://ipv4.download.thinkbroadband.com/1GB.zip
--2016-09-21 07:11:51--  http://ipv4.download.thinkbroadband.com/1GB.zip
Resolving ipv4.download.thinkbroadband.com...
Connecting to ipv4.download.thinkbroadband.com||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 1073741824 (1.0G) [application/zip]
Saving to: `1GB.zip'

100%[====================================>] 1,073,741,824 32.0M/s   in 29s

2016-09-21 07:12:20 (35.3 MB/s) - `1GB.zip' saved [1073741824/1073741824]

Disk test provided by FreeVPS.us
Spoiler: show
Disk Speed
I/O (1st run)   : 63.8 MB/s
I/O (2nd run)   : 60.3 MB/s
I/O (3rd run)   : 60.2 MB/s
Average I/O     : 61.4333 MB/s

My Review

I applied for this server mainly because of the location and connection that it provides. It's close to many and it proves good use for a music bot aswell as a bit of storage. My current use for this server is a music bot designed to connect to Teamspeak and play music that is either streamed through YT-DL or off it's hard-disk. This has proven well so far and I cannot complain on that aspect.

They do not lie when it comes to speed. This server has blazing fast download and upload speeds, there's nothing more that I can ask for in that aspect. The monthly traffic allowed which is 1 Terabyte is more than enough for me at the moment. Combine the amount of bandwidth with the speed and it gives me a fast bot that can provide me my music at the best quality possible. I haven't really touched anything regarding the IPV6 that comes with it so I can't really say for sure.

Performance wise I cannot complain. Server installations are fast, it processes my music fast but from time to time it gets a weird jitter that causes it to lag out and needs to be restarted. I haven't figured out exactly what's the problem with it just yet.

Control Panel
The server can be controlled via the SolusVM control panel that they have running. It's easy to use, fast responding and lightweight. They have a valid SSL certificates unlike some other provides that i've seen. Good to see they've made an effort to a wildcard certificate.

For two months now, i've been using this server to provide me with my music needs over Teamspeak and it's going great so far. The connection is great and so is the uptime. I haven't had any downtime that wasn't on purpose so far. What I mean by that is operating system installs and everything that is on my side and not any of the host's faults.

HDD Space
The speed of the harddrive is sufficient for me and so is the amount of space. I can use it to not only to listen to music but also to store some files for safe keeping when I run out of cloud space.

My suggestion is to allocate more RAM to this server, like a gigabyte or two. Other than that, it's perfect.

Final Verdict
My final verdict is that this server is great. It's not over the top packed with resources but it's enough to get the average stuff that you need done. My final rating would be an 8/10, the remaining two I cannot give because those would usually go for support and I don't have anything to say about their support.

Credits to Hidden Refuge and cw1998 because I incorporated the review guide and some of Hidden Refuge's areas from his review to make this review.[url=https://freevps.us/thread-16783.html][/url]

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