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We offer free Game Server Host to our community members! All you have to do is post on our forums! Signing up to only takes about 10 seconds. Once you have posted 15 posts, you can request a free Game Server. Sign up and claim your free Game Server today!

| Staff Result | Anniversary Giveaway Soon |

2. Anniversary Giveaway Soon:

As most of you guys know we've 1st anniversary of PiratesHosting on July if you are in our discord then you might also know that we going to start giveaway in few days then it opened till our anniversary 22nd July and result will be announce on our forum.

Note: We will move our forum to another domain soon we will inform all of you till we install our homepage on our main forum will be move to ***** secret domain. After the 1st anniversary we officially going to start selling gameservers and webhost.

Don't worry free service always there in our forum.

What will be in the Giveaway?

1. VPSes
2. Domains
3. Premium Web Hostings (from our sponsor Hostlease)
4. Premium Gameservers

Quantity will be announce soon.

Connect with Us.

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Please Support Us.

You can Support us by your Donations. even a penny (Donations 100% used for increase our Service)
You can Support us by Sponsoring us a VPS. (for Sponsorship. Kindly PM me or mail us at
You can Support us by Keep active and shared our website you to friends. (please share on your wall)
You can Support Us by Join our team and do you best. for member get product faster.

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