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Offering some free hosting :D
07-25-2010, 07:08 AM
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Offering some free hosting :D
So it's OK, I have decided to offer some free hosting (which you can use to move websites over, work as a pendrive, etc)

The standard is on , other than that, request a plan and we will make an arrangement. The plans listed there are one gesture of goodness, and would require an ad. Useful if your VPS provider is closing and you need your websites up, or some test space to try something before you go live Tongue

Choice of control panel: cPanel, DirectAdmin, Kloxo.

Note: On selected servers, PHP is unrestricted.

If you have any offers/comments, post them below.
EDIT: I have an own VPS. It requires a backlink tho. I will host you there, too.

EDIT: More on VPS offer:
Quote:Yes, that's true. I'm giving hosting out my own VPS.

You can have a domain and/or subdomain.

The VPS homepage is There you can look at the packages.

You need to add an ad code tho. (For now is just a linkback, don't worry)

How to Apply?

PHP Code:
MSN or Email me at

Email (for the account):
Domain (or
What you will be hosting?

A password will be generated for you and emailed

Spam? What do you mean by spam? I need free host!
My personal Phrase

Can you sponsor me a Xen/KVM VPS?

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