Rules for this section
Rules for Ultra low cost related services
  1. No offers over $5/month or $15/year. Discounts must be re-occurring if they are needed to meet the price requirement.
  2. $1 or less trials are excluded from rule 1.
  3. Do not list packages that do not meet the price requirement in your offers.
  4. Only one offer thread per month per provider.
  5. You can't post the same offer twice.
  6. Referral/Affiliate links are not allowed in the offer thread.
  7. For cheap/low costs VPSs please use this forum.
  8. Your (you as the provider) WHOIS information must be viewable for the public.
  9. You need to have a working billing system. No offers like "PM me to buy" or "Contact me on Skype to buy".
  10. Include your Terms of Service and if available your Acceptable use policy into the offer thread.
  11. Include all locations for which your offer is valid into the offer thread.

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