What is your experience with FreeVPS?
I found a very good forum on google, at the time I was looking for a free vps for learning purposes using webserver, and it turns out I found freeVPS.us, in about 3 months with active I finally get my first vps, and it is fun.

turns in freevps we also can learn about the server and others, on this forum so many people who are experienced in the field of servers and webhosting.
Thanks to FreeVPS.us for my Awesome VPS25
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How did you come to know about it?
I was searching for free sa-mp hosting on google, then I found that sa-mp servers are hosted on Dedicated Servers or VPS, after that I tried to search for free dedicated server but fond nothing lol. At last I tried freevps on googl then what? Freevps.us was first option on google search and registered here.

What can you say about the service? (rate it and say why)
It's just awesome, VPS are great and I never had any type of complaint like downtime or anything. You cant give a compliment to this website with only one post!

Did Freevps.us came to your expectations?
Thank you   http://hostdare.com/  and https://freevps.us for FREE VPS! 

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I found freevps.us via google when searching for a free VPS.

I registered but later stoped visiting the site cos i taught i wil neva get any free VPS cos of the requirements i have to meet but i have to now give it a try.

After i came back and i met all the requirements..the next day was a VPS give away then i requested for it,i was suprise to get a VPS that same day.

This freevps.us community have rili help me not only giving me a free VPS but i have rili learnt alot from here.

Thanks to all the Admins and Moderators.
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Thanks to http://freevps.us and https://fuzzyhosts.com for VPS 2.and thanks to all Admins and all Moderators

Honestly the first website I visit whenever I open my web browser is FreeVPS.us and It could have been any other site/forum but at least here I know I earn something besides a cool community and that is a free VPS

Maybe I sound selfish but why should I go to some other site/forum/community and spend my time there when I have nothing to earn

Thank you FreeVPS for offering me a free VPS and a cool place to enjoy my time Cheese

I found it on Google and I was a little skeptic at the beginning however all my doubts were gone when I received my first free VPS
About my experience here on the forums I can't say anything bad and it really raises to my expectations
Found freevps after I googled ... you guessed it "free vps" . So far it rocks, I was a bit skeptical about quality of these server but they are great. On the first vps I got from here I hosted a sa-mp server had 0 lag, eventually I gave the vps back because I didn't have time for the server.
Now i got a new one and hosting a website on it, it's better than my previous PAID hosting Smile
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i forget how do i know the forums first
but i was using another service provide by dmm, another good service
but that service was down, and i did try to find something instead.
some days latter, i got freevps.us. and i found it is also provide by dmm.
so, i will trust it, and stay here
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Well i found freevps community by google , infact i was searching for free sa:mp host and then started searching for free vps and the search results leads directly to this awesome community. when i nearly joined i knew really nothing about vps technology neither knew if it really gives any free vps , then i started learning many things with this community. After 8 days upon my arrival i finally got a vps, it was vps 8. Till now am very thankful to the community as it helped me to learn many things and i believe that learning is never ending.

The services of freevps.us is simply beyond words description as whenever you need help you'll be guided to the right solution not only by the mods/admins but also a lot of dedicated members willing to help anytime.i've been enjoying my stay really a lot since am here. you guys are already doing great so far.need an information or a knowledge base on how to make something it's the right place as any thread made upon help is answered by many members all willing to help thus bring along a solution to the problem and fixing it. dedications comes from everyone here.

Thanks freevps.us
i find free vps via google when i search freevps. .. hmm this community is good. . can learn about vps, many of member sharing news and get free related service. . and learn tutorial from this website. .

i love freevps.us keep going!
thanks for freevps.us taught me many experience
and thanks for all administrator because they're helpfull and very friendly Cheese

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I'm new in this forum and i still wait to have vps
the problem is less activity and it's hard for me to post anything
but i really found here some good thread
I found this Website thanks to a one gaming forums I've found, but I haven't tried the VPS yet/

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