What is your experience with FreeVPS?
I was found this forum in google by searching with tittle "Free VPS" actually i want to search a trial vps but i found this forum
I don't know how this forum works , and i don't want to register here , it's about 1 year ago ..
In June 2013 my Host1Free vps was suspended , and i want to buy a vps but i remember this forum ..
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My experience with FreeVPS.us is perfect. I got really a VPS here, with excellent support, and the community is friendly.
I think I found this site with Google because I needed to host something for free. FreeVPS came up and I joined because it was a nice concept. The help provided here is nice, and the community is still growing.
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What's your experience with freevps.us?

Answer: Well thus far,my experience with freevps has being great. Have already being registered in the site for two days,and it's like an addiction already to me on top sites I visit in a day.

How did you come to know about it?

Answer: I was browsing through recommended sites on Google offering free vps services and was directed here. Ever since,can't say am disappointed nor has the site fallen below my expectation to register as a member. It definitely has being a fun ride so far.

What can you say about the service? (rate it and say why)

Answer: Well am newly registered and haven't met the requirements to apply for a vps so can't review or rate it's services but reviews given by those owning this vps(es) is/are awesome so have high expectation and hopefully the live up to it. Cheese

Did Freevps.us came to your expectations?

Answer: So far? Yes.
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What's your experience with freevps.us?
My experience being here is great. I can learn everything about webhosting and other online stuff here. I dont need to go anywhere else. I am very pleased with this site.
How did you come to know about it?
I was searching some tutorials about setting up vps as proxy. There i found this site. Then i surf through freevps. I never know that i can get free vps by just posting. Then i make account here.
What can you say about the service? (rate itand say why)peoples here are very happy with freevps's service. I will rate it after i get my vps but first experience is really good.
I already saw this site sometimes ago BEFORE registering, i seen it with a really horrible way and i thought it's SCAM until i tested it sometimes later.
Made you look.
Found it via a google search, looked around, thought "no way is this legit, probably going to get an asston of spam emails and texts as soon as I apply for a VPS." I decided to try it anyways, and almost crapped myself when as soon as my application was submitted, the next day I mistyped the url as freevpn.us, and it was a for sale domain. I thought I had just been megascammed, but then I relized I made a typo, and fixed it. I found the details to the vps in the reply to the application and was thoroughly shocked, and am now very happy with the service!
I found this forum by googling "free vps" and i got here.I thought this is some scam or boring forum but I found many things i searched for long time on this site.
i joined this forum yesterday, and from others members reviews it seems like yes members here getting vps for free so im also hoping to get one soon ^_^
I first heard about freevps.us from one friend of mine (from US), when we had a little webhosting "company" like 2-3 years ago but at that time I wasn't tempted to join it by creating an account.
Recently when I was surfing on the internet searching for some vps providers, freevps came in my mind and I thought let's create an account over there in hope of getting a vps.
I haven't got any, but I'm working on it at the moment.
So far, everything is good about freevps.us ... A big community, a great staff and a reliable forum from where you can get a vps from, easily. Though, you have to follow the rules if you want to have a good time here.
I hope I will stay on freevps.us for long long time.
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