Poll: What do you think about W8 ?
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It's a good thing
35 45.45%
It's a bad OS !
42 54.55%
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Do you think Windows 8 is good or bad ?
Windows 8 is good for touchscreen but Windows 7 is good if you only have a mouse. My personal opinion is Windows 10 tho Tounge. But if I had to say if Windows 8 is good or bad I would have to say its good, depending on the circumstances
When I first installed Windows 8, I enjoyed it for the fact that it looked nice initially coming from Windows 7. Although after spending time with it on a daily basis, it grew on me and I couldn't wait to upgrade up to 10.
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win 8 is GOOD i think Huh …   Fast – fast – fast, from start up to searches, to whatever, it’s very fast.  The first screen comes up looking like a cell phone touch screen. These programs that run only in this mode are called apps just like cell phones.  This is one of the big changes to Windows 8.  You can customize this screen and make a lot of changes to it to suit your needs.  Great for touch screens.
Windows 7 will hold the lead no matter what windows comes out. Its just the best os without the fancy menu windows 8 and 10 has.
Windows 10 beats out windows 8. It is what windows 8 should have been. Windows 7 is still good but Windows 10 is definitely faster.
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Windows 8 was best when its was latest but now windows 10 rocking and have many cool features
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I'm using Windows 8.1 but it is a little different between win 8 and 8.1.Windows 8 is used in modern iphones, tablets etc.So I don't think Windows 8 is not a good OS.In spite of that,it has a attractive menu system also.It is fast,quick and makes us to use easily.

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