Poll: What do you think about W8 ?
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It's a good thing
35 45.45%
It's a bad OS !
42 54.55%
Total 77 vote(s) 100%
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Do you think Windows 8 is good or bad ?
I dont know for now...

i have installed windows 8 on my laptop but i got some error like crash,,

so my opinion its not bad for now cause its may a new OS so must have any bug, but for future its can be a good OS>
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I guess it might just be from having use Linux for so long but now when I use Win8 I find I get many of the problems normally associated with Linux! None of my software works, I can't find drivers, its difficult to use, the error messages are too cryptic and that's without even going into the new interface which I both dislike ascetically and from a usability standpoint. I've tried it out on a touch screen laptop as well (although not for long, I was just fixing a friends) and rather dislike it on there too.
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I think that windows 7 is better...Design in windows 7 is very better
They focused way too much on the tablet design. Removing the 'Start' button was a horrible decision.
So far I like Windows 7 more the Windows 8 however Windows 8 is just the introduction for the next Windows just like Vista was the introduction for windows 7 (to make it easier for the developers to update their and drivers and software's when the real release comes out)

Windows 7 is the best when you are on PC and Windows 8 is the best if you are on tabled devices or anything with a touch pad Cheese
Windows 8 is Exlusive OS i ever see.. The "box" design make me happy. But, many windows application still not compatible with win8. So, i still choose winXP as Gaming OS :p
how can XP still be a gaming OS?
Most games today are developed for DirectX 10 or 11, which are not available for Windows XP. So unless you have a videocard which doesn't support DX10, Vista, 7 and 8 are much better gaming OSs.
I think it's a great thing. The performance improvements alone are outstanding. My laptop boots up in seconds, not minutes.

You just need to think of the start menu as a start screen showing tiles instead of a menu.

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windows 8 it's nice and my answer is GooD, i have tryed the preview and new i have it installed on my laptop. very good but you need a good pc to run it

you need to try uniblue driver scanner updater the program it's an automatic driver fixer, no need to search de driver it's very easy to use like to eat Cheese
it is a bad bad bad bad bad os
it have 99999 bugs, wireless bug : if you sleeped the computer and then reopened it, the icon shows that the computer is connected, but when i hover the mouse on it, it shows "Not Connected - Connections Are Available"
and store won't open and all apps won't open, and when i shut it down and turn it on, 1/2 from drivers are not installed so i let always dell resource CD near my computer

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