Poll: What do you think about W8 ?
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It's a good thing
35 45.45%
It's a bad OS !
42 54.55%
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Do you think Windows 8 is good or bad ?
I think it is quite good.
when run it on the touch screen pc
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I don't know about touch screens, but it is not that good for normal use.I am using windows 7 but I am not going to move to Windows 8.
windows 8 is broken. The new metro apps are bad, and so many things are hidden that really shouldn't be. This is a perfect example of how dumbing down is now starting to creep into products that shouldn't be dumbed down.
It's alright, but improvements can definitely be made to enhance user experiences.
Except the metro UI startup, i like everything else. Actually its not much different than Windows 7 imo.
I'm not going to Windows platform anymore.. there were so many error and crash as previous OS.
I prefer linux OS.
absolutely failed. windows 8 took alot of ram for it self. CMIIW
for me, Windows XP series are still the best so far.
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Hmm, how did it took all the RAM?

I have had a usage of 12% of 4 GB RAM. Windows 7 occupies way more RAM 18% used of 4 GB RAM although I have 50% off all services and startup disabled and the whole Aero/Designs are also disabled.

By the way Windows 8 specifications are the same as Windows 7.
for my opinion windows 8 is very not stable yet is good when we have a tactile screen
is not windows seven is so good
Windows 8 is not bad. It's different. There are advantages and also things that most of us dont like. I think on the first sight it looks horrible. You have to use it for a while, then you will see some advantages.

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