Poll: What do you think about W8 ?
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It's a good thing
35 45.45%
It's a bad OS !
42 54.55%
Total 77 vote(s) 100%
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Do you think Windows 8 is good or bad ?
i think windows 8 is bad os,because i difficult to find any driver that compatible with my computer,,,
No way, Windows 8 sucks. You better use Windows 7 Ultimate. I LOVE IT! Using Windows 8 will get you into trouble! HUGE Trouble!
I followed the vote for BAD, it turns out many are saying bad
I had a lot of problems when using Windows 7, such as the installation. NET framework 3.5 etc.
and also a lot of drivers do not support my laptop to use windows 8 so I prefer to use Windows 7 at this time
Well it all boils down to self preference if you seek my opinion.
Apart from the driver(s) compatibility issues experienced,it's a way forward for the windows OS franchise.
/We cannot solve our problems with the SAME THINKING we used when we CREATED THEM.
Windows 8 is good though but worse than windows 7 in terms of desktop edition
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I like Windows 8. At first, I didn't enjoy the changes to the start menu, but I got used to it. The Metro apps to me are useless but I found that things are much faster in Windows 8 than in Windows 7.
Cody Maverak
It's simple, really. If your PC doesn't support Windows 8, don't install Windows 8 on it! Because your PC wasn't made to support Windows 8 and if you install Windows 8 on it, you'll experience many and severe problems.

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I got trouble using windows 8, my audio card and vga card not compatible, windows 7 better
(2013-08-02, 9:07:58 am)amore112 Wrote:  I got trouble using windows 8, my audio card and vga card not compatible, windows 7 better

in my laptop my sound is works fine but i got crashes about a few minutes...

i think windows 8 is much bug.
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If you let me choose "It's so so", then I will choose it Cheese

Anyway, Windows 8 is almost good. It will be great to use if you have a touchscreen monitor.
It has a very simple and flat interface.

But eh, some devices such HP printer doesn't compatible yet with the 8 version.
It is different when I am using 7 at the first time.

For example, although my laptop driver is only compatible with Vista, when I installed Win7, they (the drivers) can be detected.

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