Poll: What do you think about W8 ?
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It's a good thing
35 45.45%
It's a bad OS !
42 54.55%
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Do you think Windows 8 is good or bad ?
So you think windows 8 is a good or bad OS ?
Personally, I think it's a HORRIBLE thing, because I have a lot of problems with it on my new computer, drivers problems, sound problems, etc.
And you, what do u think about it ?
(Don't hesitate to post your problems too Cheese)
In my opinion , users having a laptop with touchscreen or a touch monitor should install windows 8/8.1 for an amazing touch experience , but if you dont have any touch compatible device then you should better stick to windows 7 .
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horrible experience i had with it. i don't like it at all , the interface(block type) , bought a laptop there was a trial of windows 8 in it. used it for some while then said no, can't continue using this. i moved back to windows 7 ultimate. well this is my opinion , others opinion might not be same with this. one thing i hate the most about windows 8 is when you press the windows key , it opens that interface rather than open start. been using windows 7 ultimate for quite a long time and recently also using ubuntu.
I got trouble using windows 8 and it damages our laptop's hard drive so when we bought new hard drive we decided to use Windows 7 Ultimate again.
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Its depend on what device you use the Windows 8, seems to be many people has bad experience with Windows 8 on PC's and Laptop but it feels and looks very cool on touchscreen device like tablet pc. yet still it depend on individual users experience
every user have different "taste" right? :p
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Thanks to FreeVPS.us and Nevil for the VPS 25 Smile
I'm happy with windows 7 but I would still use xp if it wouldnt be so old Smile
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If you ignore the difference of the interface, the way you use the [Windows] key to open software remain the same: you press [Windows], you type the name, and then you click to open the item of your choice.

But to be honest, I don't have many software I frequently use that pinning them all on the taskbar does the trick. So essentially I never use the [Windows] key - except in combination with the R key or E key etc.

The simplistic flat interface look just right to me. Aero is just eye candy.

But what really hooked me is the battery life. My ancient laptop lasted 30min more in Windows 8 than in Windows 7; guess how much this gap can be on a new laptop with a new battery.

windows 8 is good only for touchscreen
i confused with menu too ehen im accessing my friends windows 8
better im stick with windows 7 and xp
thanks for freevps.us taught me many experience
and thanks for all administrator because they're helpfull and very friendly Cheese

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It would be alright for me I guess, if it had a start menu! The perfectly square windows are nice, and i prefer them to the slightly rounded corners of Windows 7
Even if I prefer Linux operating systems, I think Windows 8 is really not bad. The idea of unifying computers and mobile devices is great, and microsoft has done an excellent job. The only think I don't really like is that they are trying to force this. But it's not even a problem for "power users" because there are tons of free programs that can help making the system more like the older versions of windows or linux.

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