how to get free vps on EduVps 6GB ramy from any Country by 3$ only
online phone numbers are commonly found in google for verifiation purposes..use them...why need to spend 3 dollars??
Why do you use this and pay 3$ while you can use pinger, it's free and useful.

P.S : EduVPS are dead, arn't they ?
Made you look.
There are no more IP Address available. maybe it will never available again
Millions Thank FreeVPS & LoomHosts for my lovely VPS8
Well, I have a saying for this.

If you have PayPal, an credit card and can pay, your place is Low End Box, not some random free and oversold and crappy service like EduVPS.
If you increase budget a bit and can pay a bit more, you can get a good VPS with all features and some perks.
Spam? What do you mean by spam? I need free host!
My personal Phrase

Can you sponsor me a Xen/KVM VPS?

[Image: img.php?v1=1&userid=6]
Working on my new project: (soon to come: zPanel hosting and resellers, all for the lovely price of $0.00!!!!)
Hope this make OK to the signature rules!!!!
Thanks to for the lovely VPS4!
It is not possible to create vps there, even if you register. They do not have any ip-adressess available, and admin do not answer to questions on the facebook page.
Closing this as I see reports EduVPS is dead/unresponsive and this topic has been debated to death.

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