MyBB upgraded
I have upgraded the forum to 1.6. The shoutbox is gone, I will add it back as soon as there is one for MyBB 1.6.
OK, thank you, but couldn't you keep the old version with SB until you found a SB for the new version?
At the end, I see no changes except the missing SB. Sad
And points are gone too!
Does that mean I'll have to get more than 23,000 points from scratch? Sad
Points are back, and the shoutbox is back.
(oops, it seems my points aren't 23,000 but 28,312 Laugh)
Thanks dmmcintyre3! What's new in 1.6?
(08-04-2010, 11:43 AM)dmmcintyre3 Wrote:
I just read that list, and seeing a closed tracker item about UserCP, I came there and I see slight changes Smile

Thanks for upgrading! Laugh
Darn... no more shoutbox Tongue
Its there still.

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