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(2013-10-01, 8:04:01 am)ninetailfox97 Wrote:  does the driver booster work well? i've heard laptops require specific drivers, so probably shouldn't use that, correct?

It gave's me Error when i try to update driver's on my Laptop...So probably. But instead of driver booster why don't you try the Device Manager to update, i've updated my driver's with it.
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 Thanks to and for my first VPS (21)
(2013-10-02, 10:09:02 pm)Sn-660 Wrote:  As far as i know game booster free up memory by temporarily closing unnecessary services, and processes that we don't need to make game performance run better. So i guess if you have optimized computer or high end computer it most likely won't work or probably you don't need Game booster.
Ahh, I upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 8GB and it was worth it I can say. It's not high-end but it's something I guess?
actually, i'm not a gamer but is it possible for me or can it supporting my graphics aplication such as Cinema 4D etc?
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What Game Booster does is close services you don't need while playing games, it's best for older PCs and wont have a big impact or ... any on newer ones.
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Game booster is very useful for ending background tasks and free up memory. This freeing of memory results in better game play in terms of frames per second. I have been using GB for about three years now.
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as far as i can tell, game booster hasn't helped very much, almost none. This is probably because i have a laptop though, the specs aren't alienware anyways, so nothing fancy to get high framerates.
I dont need this tho <3 i got full spec 64 gb ram haha! ot: this good for noob laptop

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