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Does it work on CentOs? If it doesn't run on Linux... What good is it?
I've never felt the need of Game Booster. My pc is pretty good for gaming: 955 cpu and hd6850. I've never had problems with any games, and I can play any game at high or max quality settings at full hd. Also the reactivity of the SSD helps a lot reducing loading lag.
I'd be wary of the "RAM cleaning" part, most "RAM cleaners" just swap "unused" pages into the hard drive, have fun if you have a massive program like photoshop or adobe premiere in the background running and want to access it..
Otherwise it looks like it closes down unneeded services and programs.. things you might already know how to do if you're experienced...
(2013-10-05, 1:06:16 am)elleonblanco Wrote:  Does it work on CentOs? If it doesn't run on Linux... What good is it?
You have more control over your services and processes with Linux, why would you need Game Booster?
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Game booster is the older version of Razer Cortex.So it is better to use Razer Cortex to optimize games and reduce lag.We can capture images and record games.It disables all unwanted programmes while running the game in your PC.We can play games in higher FPS (frames Per Second) values.The main function of the software is to let gears find the best deals they can get their hands on.
Download link -
I'll try this and see if it really works, I've a laggy PC.
I think that what Game Booster does can also be archieved just by tweaking the OS settings, such as background running programs and windows effect (like Aero).

In the other hand you would have to change those settings everytime before any gaming session, so it is really good as it changes those settings really fast and you're also able to switch back fast whenever you're done with your gaming.
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well i don't trust any game booster program.
it's recemonded for me to boost my pc using my graphic driver like nvidia or amd
some times it cause pc crash ..
Anyone got the link for game booster? There are lots of them on the google, don't know which one would be good.
(2018-04-14, 9:02:56 pm)MrThomas Wrote:  Anyone got the link for game booster? There are lots of them on the google, don't know which one would be good.

None of them are.

What do they promise you? That they can free up RAM? Well, breaking news. You can do that yourself. Disable unnecessary services. Use CCleaner to disable unwanted startup programs. For example:
  • I disable the control panel of my AMD video card because I don't use it.
  • I disable the control panel of my Realtek audio card because I don't use it.
  • I disable any other control panel of any hardware or software that I don't consider necessary or interact frequently with.
  • I Disable the AntiVirus because they're basically worthless compared to my common sense. I just start them periodically to update them and run a quick scan for sanity.
  • I disable or switch to manual startup on services that I consider unnecessary. Print Spooler? I don't even use a printer so I don't need caching. Remote Registry? Why? And you get the idea.
  • I use a basic non-aero black theme and that way I can save up to ~70mb of VRAM. Not to mention the I get a more responsive UI.
  • etc.
  • And windows can free memory all by itself if you know how to use it.

All of those can be started when you actually need them. No point in letting them run in the background when you don't interact with them or actually need them to run constantly.

You can also downgrade your windows version. No point in running Windows 10 when you can barely run Windows 7. So use that instead.

Beyond memory savings. All of these boosters can't do a thing. Probably do a disk defragmentation but that can be achieved with a separate tool.

They can't increase graphical performance because that's just not possible. You can only achieve that your self by reducing the quality of graphics in games. Most costly being Anti Aliasing, Texture filtering, Shadow quality/size, Post effects, Reflections, Texture quality/size (if you have low VRAM) etc. Reduce these and you can save a ton of performance. Especially the AA and texture filtering.

These tools are meant to prey on the casual users that have no idea about any of these work. These game boosters don't achieve much of anything. Just buy more RAM and be done with it. If you need these tools then you probably have an older system. So finding cheap RAM (even used) for your system should be quite easy. Because that's their main focus.

And while I keep doing all these things to save up resources. I don't actually need to. Because I have a pretty beefy system. Ryzen 1600x, 8gb of DDR4 and soon to become 16, with 2gb of VRAM, an Intel SSD and so on. But I still do them because I hate wasting resources. And I don't need these tools to achieve that. So you might not either.
For me the best game booster is disabling the antivirus and that's gives me awesome smooth playing experience, I rarely use any other game booster for my pc.

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