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Hello Guys, I've been using this software for 2 years until now, and seems to be working with my games that lags to less the lags, I used Game booster to play COD4, GTA, Prototype 2 and World of Warcraft. This software include Tools: Optimizing, Tweaking and Drivers Plus Diagnose.

If this software helps you to play laggy games or NOT, give us your opinion about Game Booster. What do you think?
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 Thanks to and for my first VPS (21)
Alight I will try them as world of warf craft and LOL laginh hard wid me
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hello there,
quite nice software , i used this too before to optimize the pc for best gaming performance.
I have been using IObit Razer game booster for quite a long time now , it really helps in improving a little FPS and squeezing out every performance from our CPU . Very good software . Link :
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whoa i didnt know that was real one
i was thinking that was scam only
but my friends using baidu pc booster i think to boost his laptop
thanks for taught me many experience
and thanks for all administrator because they're helpfull and very friendly Cheese

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I've been using Game booster as well. It actually works, and since my computer is so slow I have it on all the time, and not just during games. Tounge
game booster, made all my games faster and faster , im using it when i play anygame and nfs ofc needs game booster, because its more lags and the police vehicles can jail me xD joke
does the driver booster work well? i've heard laptops require specific drivers, so probably shouldn't use that, correct?
I didn't like it when it was taken over by Razor, I liked the Boost Button to turn it on when you want and not just in a game. Although I think they reimplemented the button after people requested it.
I used it on my old PC, its quite useful if you want to squeeze a few extra FPS for your game out of your PC but don't expect some huge boost.
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