Disk Clean-up
I have a windows 8 operating system and I want to have a disk clean-up software tool but I don't know which one I should get. Please help me out.

Please let me know the efficiency and reliability of the one you recommend for me OK...Thanks...Smile
I use treesize to find huge files that I have "forgotten" over the months, and
Easy Duplicate Finder, because apparently I am a fan of downloading the same thing twice, even three times...
I trust these two programs better than Disk Cleaner in Windows (is it included in Windows 7?? last I used it was a few years ago in XP)... and after all this a defrag will keep your computer up to speed Smile
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Your saying this is only for windows 7 and windows XP? Is there a newer version of Disk Cleaner that I can getSmile
Oh, okay. I didn't google, and typed that in a hurry. I meant to say, that Disk Cleaner is built into windows xp, vista, 7, 8, and 8.1, but I like to use both of the programs above because you have more control over what files you delete.
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Built in disk clean up of win 8 is good and working fine for me, just try it.
As a solution for that,I use Wise Disk Cleaner to clean junk,crashed,temporary files and defrag my hard disk safely.We can schedule dates and times as we need to scan PC.It requires only a low usage of memory and doesn't make the PC slow.Privacy can be protected by this cleaner and our personal files can be saved.So I directly recommend Wise Disk Cleaner to clean your disk safely and properly.
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