From $15/yr -- OpenVZ - 2 Locations - 1Gbps - RAID 10 - Instant Setup
Hello and thank you for your interest in our VPS Hosting services! Ethernet Servers was founded by George Sturley in East Devon, a county with breathtaking scenery in the South West of England, during the month of September 2013. On a day-to-day basis, we strive to provide top-notch web hosting solutions, with the icing on the cake being excellent UK based technical support backed by rock-solid service reliability. With these goals in mind, your thoughts are taken away from worrying about the hosting side of things, and instead focusing on what matters - growing and improving your projects. Accepted payment methods include PayPal, Credit Card and Bitcoin (BTC).

  • Los Angeles, CA | Buffalo, NY | Miami, FL
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • SolusVM VPS Control Panel
  • Graph Resource Monitoring
  • Enterprise Grade Hardware
  • Instant Resource Scalability
  • Full Root Access
  • rDNS/PTR Self-Management
  • Serial Console
  • 1,000 Mbps Port (Shared)
  • Latest OpenVZ 2.6.32 Kernel
  • Unlimited OS Reinstalls
  • Free & Instant Setup
  • Wide range of Linux OS options

$15/yr - Click here to order
10 GB RAID 10 Storage Space
250 GB Monthly Bandwidth
256 MB Dedicated RAM
256 MB vSwap
1 IPv4 Address
1 CPU Core @ 3.4GHz


$4.00/m or $25.00/yr - Click here to order
25 GB RAID 10 Storage Space
500 GB Monthly Bandwidth
512 MB Dedicated RAM
512 MB vSwap
2 IPv4 Addresses
2 CPU Cores @ 3.5GHz

Los Angeles, California: | 100 MB Test File
Buffalo, New York: | 100 MB Test File 
Miami, Florida: | 100 MB Test File

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or reply to this thread.

Thank you for your interest in our services.
are your servers protected ?

please let me know.

I assume you're referring to protection against DDoS attacks or similar, in which case the answer is no.

We do monitor each VPS very closely and have a number of in-house tools to monitor load, SBL listings (to allow us to find spammers quickly) and the hardware status (i.e RAID array health), etc

Please clarify if that is not what you were asking.


(2013-11-14, 11:09:36 pm)saurav1987sonu Wrote: are your servers protected ?

please let me know.
Our thread has been updated with our latest VPS offerings.
A friend of mine needed a windows vps with 8GB Ram and 1TB Disk on Vt-X enabled Hardware, with atleast 2 IPs. If you can give me a good deal them PM me.
    Thanks freevps for VPS 14
[Image: 2372943100.png]

Unfortunately we do not provide support for Windows systems at this time.


(2014-05-09, 4:29:47 am)Tushar Wrote: A friend of mine needed a windows vps with 8GB Ram and 1TB Disk on Vt-X enabled Hardware, with atleast 2 IPs. If you can give me a good deal them PM me.
Oh sh*t, why when I firstly registered, the annually choice is $20 Laugh

Anyway, please keep your service as good as now. I know that you are a new provider and want to attract customers with special offers. Please do not make these initial special offers slow and down after you become bigger provider. Please remember that we are your first customers, when noone belive in you, we do. Smile.
(2013-11-14, 10:50:12 pm)EthernetServers Wrote: WHAT'S INCLUDED WITH AN ETHERNET SERVERS VPS PLAN?
  • TUN/TAP & PPP Support
  • FULL Root Access
  • Unlimited OS Reinstalls on-demand

You CANNOT have Full Root on OpenVZ VPS, that's outright a lie. OpenVZ shares kernel, so it's more like a cage rather than a machine of its own, and you're not the true root user, you're root on your directory (located in /vz/private/<VEID>). Let's say, it's a cPanel account with shell. The fact that you can't personalize kernel, that each module must be enabled on the node and that you can't even change the date (you can change the timezone, however via a special process), and that generally all special requests (such as sound enabling on the node for desktops on VPS, etc.), make OpenVZ the worst choice. While it gives you root, for aforementioned reasons, it's not full, it's limited, unless you are ready to put in the node everything users ask for without even hesitating (no questions asked), Virtuozzo (the paid OVZ version, KVM and Xen do give you full root.

Os Reinstalls must be unlimited, they are a SolusVM panel feature, no need to mention it unless you are using a special panel that bills for each reinstall.
Spam? What do you mean by spam? I need free host!
My personal Phrase

Can you sponsor me a Xen/KVM VPS?

[Image: img.php?v1=1&userid=6]
Working on my new project: (soon to come: zPanel hosting and resellers, all for the lovely price of $0.00!!!!)
Hope this make OK to the signature rules!!!!
Thanks to for the lovely VPS4!
support Fedora 20 will get you some special costumer, cause it is not many provider support it
post with Fedora 23  since 2015-11-03
SMS me +1 (919) 200-0188
If you have any further questions don't hesitate to give us a bell Smile

(2014-05-09, 5:11:47 pm)net_robber Wrote: support Fedora 20 will get you some special costumer, cause it is not many provider support it

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