Your Routers/Modems
I have to use the modem that my ISP gave me because my home phone depends on the voip of the modem. They gave me a Technicolor TG788vn v2 which is really crappy so I decided to buy a Netgear R7000 that I configured as an access point to handle the wireless connection.
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I don't have a fixed internet connection.

I currently have a YouWin M220T LTE Pocket Wifi. (So technically a Modem/AP with built in battery)

I'm planning to find a store with a Huawei E5573 becuse I don't like the YouWin.

I use a Samsung SagemCom F@st 5350:

Auto-sensing ADSL2 + / VDSL2 / GigaEth
2 pairs xDSL bonding
Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual-band concurrent High Power
Full speed Gigabit Ethernet support
Embedded DECT CAT-iq base station
Comprehensive VoIP services
Efficient media sharing
Robust TR-069 remote management

Provided by my internet provider, it is a very stable model and has good performance.

PS: I am Brazilian and I have little English. Text generated via Google Translator.
I have a Link One N150 router (i don't know if it exists out of my country). I only use it for my Wi-Fi, its pretty good, the max speed is 150Mbps.
It's very simple but i like it. It costs around $20 in a direct conversion to US Dollar.
Thanks FreeVPS and Hostigation for my VPS 18!
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(2017-02-01, 1:55:58 pm)Conan Wrote:  I don't have a fixed internet connection.

I currently have a YouWin M220T LTE Pocket Wifi. (So technically a Modem/AP with built in battery)

I'm moving in the same direction Conan after moving from the UAE to South Africa a couple of months ago.  I'm totally out of my comfort zone though as I'm very much used to and comfortable with an ADSL line and fibre technology for many years.  WiFi is also comfortable for me although a dedicated ADSL broadband has always been my preference.  I like the comfort of a desk and the trimmings when I'm working on my projects.  But in South Africa there is a large percentage of users who work as you do and are using their phones as modems.  One guy is using his iphone as a modem for his laptop at home. There is no router in his home, nor an ADSL line. Service is as fast as ADSL if not faster. I'm still thinking of getting an ADSL line, which is moving slightly backwards from the UAE, as where I am eventually going to stay, they still have to get to the fibre technology stage - there are no lines as yet.  The ADSL is however as fast as my fibre technology used to be in the UAE.  Price is almost the same although I'll have to cough up for the lines they will have to install for the ADSL service.  Technology of Telkom - the national ISP provider is really great as with the ADSL they provide an excellent service with creating hotspots to cover one's home with Wifi for all one's devices, including TV.  The local phone services however seem have made great inroads in the traditional internet services by creating technical modems out of smart phones and devices.
Time for a little update from my side regarding this subject.

So I currently have four routers of which I actively use three.
  • Speedport W 724V (ISP VDSL/Fibre router)
  • 2x ASUS RT-AC51U (to cover the flat with 2.4/5GHz WiFi)
  • NetGear WNDR3400v3 (kind of an emergency WiFi router but this one really sucks)

The Speedport is the main router but because it has bad WiFi I installed a ASUS RT-AC51U to do WiFi for the living room and kitchen area. I have another ASUS RT-AC51U in my room to do WiFi for the rest. Both routers pretty much cover the whole flat.

That NetGear is horrible. So horrible that it was the reason why I bought the second RT-AC51U. I don't use it actively. It is in the storage as an emergency device if something breaks down.
I only have one router at home that was provided by my Internet Service Provider as part of the Internet Package Deal.

D-Link VDSL2/ADSL2+ Wireless N300 4-port USB Router with Wireless N Speeds capacity up to 300 Mbps" The package I received is much lower than that, more in the region of 100Mbps. I also received a dongle with which I was supposed to be able to use it on my laptop and receive Internet service anywhere in the country, but that never worked out in practice. Probably should try it again when I'm in the vicinity of an ISP branch office.

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