LoomHosts - immediate termination of SSD VPSs [VPS 1 related]
Dear FreeVPS Directory & Discussion VPS 1 Owners,

I am really sorry to announce that LoomHosts has pushed out a immediate termination of all SSD powered VPSs (VPS 1 was one) without any prior notice or possiblities to take backups.

We don't know what the reason behind this questionable action was. I have only announced that what I've got today via e-mail from a LoomHosts staff member. I can not explain anything at the moment as I have no other information than what I posted here.

We're very sorry for what happend. Especially for those who hosted something mission critical or important on their VPS 1 and had no backups. I also had one of the SSD powered VPSs from LoomHosts and lost my web page status monitor and personal site.

This will be updated with more information as soon as I get more news about it.

Sorry for the caused inconvenience.

Best Regards,
FreeVPS Administration
VPS 1 owners please check your SolusVM account for your replacement VPS with the same specifications just 20 GB of normal HDD instead of 5 GB SSD.
Hey, vps is now working with new ip , thanks Cheese and hope no issues happens again.
This is your replacement. The adjusted VPS 1 with 20 GB HDD instead of 5 GB SSD.
The VPS information page says it's SSD when it's not (even if the space was updated). Anyway, I updated http://xfix.github.io/FreeVPS/, and removed pointless SSD column (we lost all SSD servers). I'm wondering why this happened, and that without prior information, but I'm sure there is a good reason for this to have happened (like, terrorists destroying SSD drives of LoomHosts for some reason, and all backups (ok, this is ridiculous reason)).
There are 10 sorts of people in the world; those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who thought this was a binary joke.
Updated this little mistake and all LoomHosts VPSs here on behalf of the LoomHosts staff.
Its bad news Sad the only one ssd vps we have. But its now gone. I hope we have some SSD vps in future Smile

This is surely a bad news for the SSD lovers over here.
Warm Regards,

Gonna close this inr order to stop possible spam.

Will be opened again if there is an update about it.
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