Your well-deserved right to purge your private data!
that's something that makes more trustworthy and indeed is a good decision.
that's right decision sir, is now more trustfully portal.
(2014-03-07, 10:42:44 am)SLC Wrote:  For us typical users I still don't know why someone would have all of it's work removed. It's nice to think FreeVPS give's us that privilege but it should be used with caution. This will only leave blank spots and create confusion among future members.

  • Every decent user on this forum has it's/her's ports mentioned/quoted/reviewed in other posts and those can't be removed or they'll create blank spots.
  • Every decent user on this forum has it's/her's username mentioned in other posts and those can't be removed or they'll create confusion among new readers.
By "decent user" I mean users that have a few posts and with actual important data or contributions to the forum.

I always get confused when reading through older posts that refer/mention usernames which don't exist in the whole topic and therefore create blank spots.

You should give this option only to people who actually need it and must prove that the removal or they're posts is a requirement. I.e. They've used code, solutions, media etc. in they're posts that are now patented and/or protected by copyright laws. And even then only those posts should be removed and not the whole account be purged.

I'd be careful with this option if you care for the content quality of this forum Smile

Some people have valid reason to remove their data. FreeVPS shouldn't make it more difficult than it needs to be. Possibility of removing the account should be a standard, even if it's understandable that not everything can be removed.

In my opinion, accounts that requested deletion should have their posts moved to the account for deleted accounts. Yes, you still could figure the nick by reading replies, but that only could let you figure the author of the particular post, and nothing else, because such special account would also have posts belonging to others. The original account would be removed (it's safe to remove accounts with 0 posts). This also wouldn't break the thread flow, as the only information that is removed is an user - you don't need this to follow the thread anyway.

Privacy is actually important, and FreeVPS wants to make it easy.
There are 10 sorts of people in the world; those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who thought this was a binary joke.
this is a good decision ,I never heard that in other forum
I hope we still here for a long long time

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