What Do You Think About Lenovo Laptops?
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I think lenovos build quality is bad my lenovo g570 case almost broke apart i just opened and realligned the case. lenovo uses all plastic the screws have nothing to hold on anymore when i clean my laptop plastic parts fall off and i instantly identify it as a plastic bolt for screws. please dont buy lenovo laptops
I think lenovo are good brand in terms of specification. I don't know about the casing. But I had similar problem with my Acer Notebook. Well, sometimes too much acid in the cleanser you are using to clean can cause the plastic casing to crack or fall.
leveno is ok, I don't think it's that good. HP's are pretty solid, if I needed a laptop I would get one of those.
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lenovo making toys these days .if u want to use laptop in ruf & tuf condition go for dell. relapse warranty (its mean) no tension for me whats your view about it guys
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i dont clean my case with acidic solvents i use a real screen cleaning liquid to wipe my monitor and case its just that the plastic bolts are weak that over a few months it loosens the plastic bolts on the hinge of my laptop loosened so much that the screw cannot hold in and when and you open the screen the hinge pushes up the case the broken hinge pushes the case up and the bottom case down that also causes the screw on the bottom case that is near the hinges fall off and when i open the ram hdd and cpu cover plastic bolts fall off. Conclusion: Their Specs Are Good But the build quality is bad and so weak (All Plastic Casing)
wew its very bad if all casing using plastic.cpu termparatur is more than 60C.i think you play game cpu work more hard and temparature raise.im using samsung and i dont have problem like you,but my laptop spec not good Cheese
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spesial thank to Nevil , dmmcyntre,cw1998, all admin ,and all moderator    Cheese

thanks to freevps.us& hostigation for vps 18 this is great vps
spesial thank to Nevil , dmmcyntre,cw1998, all admin ,and all moderator    

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Dana tunai agunan bpkb langsung cair satu hari
For normal users they are very good, for programmers they are not good at all. for example i had serious problem with 2 lenovo laptops for installing a specific linux distro while i tested that distro on 14 other laptops and in all of them there was no problem !
If we compare the price of lenovo laptop with HP, than the Lenovo laptops are cheaper than the HP laptop. So If you wanted a solid laptop than HP laptops are best, If you needed a Cheap laptops than Lenovo's are best with same specifications.

They are not price premium and attempt to save money in every possible way to destroy the competition. As far as I know they fill the laptop with intergrated Intel cards instead of dedicated ones and go after a cheap AMD laptop processor or an Intel i3 while saving as much as you can by making it entirely out of weak plastic.

Just by looking around I found a designer laptop with a dedicated graphics card and proper build quality for just 1/3-1/2 more of what theirs cost, don't buy Lenovo unless you are really poor...
lenovo is not that bad. My friend owns lenevo z510 and it is very good looking ,as well as sturdy . Howerver, if you really want good build quality with quality processor n gfx, go for dell. It is the best in the market Smile
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