KVM2 Abuse Policy
KVM2 (VPS 15, 19 & 25) Abuse Policy

CPU Abuse

As every other VPS provider we're running a shared environment. That means that we have a node with multiple VPSs hosted on it. CPU abuse affects everyone on the node really badly! The average CPU utilization rate may never reach a value over 20.00 on our node. We're monitoring this utilization and everything that contributes to a higher average utilization rate will be taken down. As everyone gets full access to all 4 four real cores it is time to set certain soft limits to prevent abuse.

You may not use more than 50% CPU utilization for over 30 minutes.

When discovered that the node load is high we will investigate. We will find out which VPS is causing it and how much CPU it is using in %. This will be monitored for 30 - 45 minutes and if the CPU usage isn't dropping after that time it will be suspended without prior notification for CPU abuse. It will unsuspended after 24 hours unless you contact us earlier to unsuspend it.

Exception: You've contacted us before and asked for permission to use more CPU for a longer time because you need it for compiling packages for example or installing Gentoo (where generally a lot of CPU is required for compilation of all packages). It must be a valid reason and you have to send us a private message asking for permission.


If you are sending out attacks (not matter what kind of attack it is) from your VPS on KVM2 it will be suspended, terminated and you will be banned from our service forever. We will not tolerate such kinds of abuse.

If you're a victim of a attack you are responsible for taking care of it. Block the attack if possible (e.g: DoS can be blocked easily and SSH bruteforce attacks can be easily prevented). Otherwise your VPS will be suspended and you will be notified. Afterwards it will be unsuspended and you will get a chance to take backups to move off KVM2. People who are attracting DoS/DDoS or any other kind of attacks aren't welcome.


Any kind of hacking activity (e.g: brute forcing SSH of other machines, sending DoS attacks and etc...) leads to a immediate suspension and termination of your service. And you will be banned from our service forever.

If you have been hacked you get a second chance to recover everything and secure everything properly so that it may never happen again. You have to prove that you've and your machine got hacked otherwise the same as above will happen to you. There is no place to believe into things "Sir, I'm sorry but I've been hacked I think.". I've personally heard this often enough to know it's either a lie or someone was simply sleeping instead of taking care of security and everything important.

If required this will be updated. If you have any question feel free to contact me.

We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your access to and use of our service, without notice, if we believe, in our sole discretion, that your actions are in violation of any applicable law or harmful to this service or our users.
IP address blacklists

We check all IP addresses through over 50 blacklists every month.

If a IP address is listed on a blacklist for the first time we will notify the owner and ask to solve the issue. Afterwards we will request removal of the IP address from the blacklist. If a IP address is found the second time on a blacklist we will contact the owner with a second warning and ask to solve the issue. Again a removal from the blacklist will be requested. If a IP address is found the third time on a blacklist we will send out a last warning and ask to solve the issue. A removal request will be placed the last time.

If the IP address will be found a fourth time on a blacklist we will suspend the VPS and terminate it. The IP address will be moved to reserved to cool down for a certain time after it was removed from the blacklist again. If required we will ban users who get listed multiple times from our service.

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