Poll: Free or Paid?
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Free vs paid. What is better?
I like both. If its free and has good specs then that is good. If it is paid that's great too, you at least get guaranteed customer support and are ranked higher than those who don't pay if the host offers some for free.
Thank you ZXPlay and FreeVPS for my VPS 7
Free and pays are ever good choice but you need try what specs are beat for you
Free are limited ,not secure & no cus. support so paid are always better.
Thank You .: FreeVPS & Hostigation :. For VPS 18 .
i choose other because it depends on what is free and on what site its free on. for example <this kind of portals are against our rules> is a good place for free movies and tv shows. and dot.tk is a good place for a free domain. and hourb.com is a good place for free domain hosting (if you already got the domain: hint on sentence befor this one). but free things can also cut you down on performance and services, so look carefully and compare often for the best offer.
of course the paid vps is better than free vps.but i can't afford it
Depends on what you need. Obviously..... But i suspect your question was not really serious.
Depending on the product/service, if they are offering a product or service that would be useful to me and would benefit me if I purchase the paid version, then I will definitely get it. On the other hand, if it's a free service/product that doesn't really benefit me in anyway if I purchase it, which makes it a waste of money then I certainly would not buy it.
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Use free products for testing not for serious projects
Use paid for serious projects
As all the people said. it's 2 lines.

Free for testing and learning.
Paid for business use.

uTorrent Pro here is more better than uTorrent free. Smile
I vote for Freemium. It is the best business model IMO. Free version with limited functionality is offfered as a trial, while paid version with advanced functionality is offered for serious users.

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