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Free vs paid. What is better?
I would prefer free for regular use
but professionally i would prefer paid....
There are good free services and bad paid services. One of the things I like to see in a paid service is that it offers a free trial, 90day money-back guarantee, or some other such show of faith. I grow wary if the ToS is too long, there are a plethora of bad reviews, or a flood of referral links (nJelly et al taught me that last one).
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Paid of course , with free services you dont really know what you are getting yourself into.
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It depends on the service one gets. There are definitely better free hosts than paid hosts when they are compared for the same service. Particularly for shared hosting. I've seen really bad reviews for "professional" paid hosts. And very good reviews for free hosts, although there aren't that many free hosts for shared hosting left any longer. Most shared free hosting is offered as a carrot to get people to upgrade to cheap hosting. For VPS I don't have much experience, but from the look of it VPS it is expensive to set up admin wise. So you won't find that many free VPS hosts. And if they aren't good they'll go under quite fast as VPS is much more complicated to offer than shared hosting.

Obviously I prefer free hosting, but if I were to have a professional Website that I care deeply about, and particularly if it involves financial transactions, then I'd opt for a really reliable paid host.
I believe nothing comes free. Even if it's free, it doesn't last longer and there is always a catch. Anyways, I would go for paid at affordable price.
For Free we get very little things and we are limited there! Paid is always better because we get what we pay for...
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(2014-04-04, 5:24:44 am)luis123456 Wrote:  What about you?

In my opinion free is better,becouse it is free,you absolutely sit there and write,there is any better than this?
Free is definitely better for starters and learners.
But for business and professional paid is better.
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If you can go for the paid option then go for it. While free can sometimes be as good, you don't get as much benefits as a paid customer and you might not be offered support
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(2014-04-04, 5:57:51 am)gooliver Wrote:  For business I'd prefer it paid (and hopefully get it back by tax refunds Smile)

Just wait until you forget your tax forms Wink
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