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Free vs paid. What is better?
my opinion is most anything with price is to be better than free one Smile
in apps market too.
If your app is well developed enough to keep users engaged and to give them the impression that it’s a good investment, then you may still benefit from releasing it for free. People will be much more likely to spend money once they have used an app they like, and charging a subscription for a complete version of the product will yield much more profit than an initial set price.
Free Service is not Equal with Paid mostly. because free service not provide proper Customer Care. and can't resolve server problems.
but like a freenium freenom free vps providers gives you a paid server as a free bucket because you earn points for them. so basically its not rally free and also some special packages mostly limited in use. but there are many happy users of free vps forums. but for it you have to be a expert of linux servers.
I think everyone should get to use the product, but the company should still get money from it...
hi, I'm tmwc.
I'm not active here anymore.
Free is better. because if you didn't about and want to learn it. use free. but for business paid is better.
My best VPS so far by far is a free VPS. I don't think that paid necessarily means better than free. The expectations obviously are higher, as one expects a better service and better everything with paid. But I've had free shared hosting that had much bigger specs and is much more superior than paid shared hosting. Think what one really needs to do is a proper research of the reviews, test the specs as much as one can, and if it is serious hosting go as far as asking for references to check.
Paid is always better. More popular is always better.
Free things is good for hosting small website, testing, learning only not for commercial purpose.
Honestly I don't think there's an universal rule for which kind is the best.
Usually the paid ones should be the best option, better customer support and an overall better performance for the service.

In the end it comes all about the company which is providing the service, a good company will give you a good quality service no matter if free or paid.
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

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It all depends on the provider and their support staff. Sometimes you get lot more better service from free hosting than those cheap hosting providers. It's no longer Paid Hosting is better. Maybe paid hosting was the only thing better like 10-15 years ago. Those days there were only just few shared hosting providers and packages didn't have too many features. Plus all of those providers put ads. Not small links but big header banners or pop-ups. Not anymore. These days most free hosting providers and good as cheap hosting providers.
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I have to say you can't compare high-end paid hosting with free hosting. But need to understand those budget providers cant do same. providing 3-5 usd servers and providing .fast support is not somethibg easy.
Haven't used any free vps providers. In fact I haven't used free trial vps.
But paid is better because free vps has a lack of support in which paid vps has 100% support for their client.
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