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Free vs paid. What is better?
I prefer the paid one because it has a lot of features than the free one, however, you can try the free one before using the paid one! Free one might have some issues in it like water park and anything can happen.
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I like to use free APIs for projects that aren't very important as the APIs may go down. I prefer to use paid APIs when I'm doing serious work, like a website that should function fine all the time. Paid APIs are usually perfectly affordable if the website you're using them on makes money.
Free always comes with a catch, either paytowin, micro-transactions or getting data harvested. Paid is always better since they get paid they won't do these.
Based on situation, you may find free one is better than paid one, but the other times, maybe paid is better than free.

Let see an example,
If you only use VPS for testing or small production, free server will be the best option, for me.
If you use VPS for serious reason, paid server will be better one.

See another example, about HTTPS certificate, it's same all the time, still a HTTPS, but there is the difference, maybe you can use free certificate like Let's Encrypt, but sometimes you should have COMODO RSA, but, who cares?

You should try free one before the paid one.
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I've come to the conclusion that free use of a VPS is almost as temporary as paid use of VPS.  Take for example ZX Host.  Those who had paid use suffered almost as much if not more so than those who had free use of the VPSs.  Problem is that we often have higher expectancy of paid hosts being more reliable and longer term, but there are so many dynamics involved, it's very difficult to make a clear cut comparison as to which is better of the two.  One thing I've learned over the last few weeks is that one has to expect and accept that VPSs are not for the longer term and make one's systems and Websites as portable as one can.  So VPSs can come and go easy, but one's operations can live with it if it has to.  One should never get attached to a brand and keep one's eyes and ears wide open for whatever is the best VPS at a good price at the time.  FreeVPS.us is a good place for that.  One of its really great attributes.  The Forum is a treasure trove of good finds in low cost VPSs.
Nothing comes for free, or truly free. Like here we pay with our post which is equivalent to free. But I prefer to paid services which relief some of your worry, like security and maintenance.
Yeah. Everything is right....Or wrong?
free is for testing before buying
paid vps or etc.. is for business, team work...
(2018-04-01, 3:58:11 pm)sayfpack Wrote:  personnaly
free is for testing before buying
paid vps or etc.. is for business, team work...

Theoretically that would make sense, however in my own experience free VPSs and paid VPSs aren't necessary of the same quality or longevity.  You may find a free VPS that is better than a paid VPS and the other way round - there aren't hard and fast rules.
Paid VPS is always better than FREE ones, with Free ones you will have a lot of restrictions, slow and therefore it will have an impact on whatever you are doing with the VPS also downtime is a major issue for FREE VPS (you can't complain), I thought like FREE VPS from this site and the main reason is this is not like normal FREE VPS , the VPS here are all Paid VPS but offered free in exchange for post and are very reliable.
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free are not safe and paid is safely than free
but if you don'y have money ,use free

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