Poll: Free or Paid?
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Free vs paid. What is better?
What service model is better? I like free because of it's lack of overhead, and because of it's easyness.

What about you?
Spam? What do you mean by spam? I need free host!
My personal Phrase

Can you sponsor me a Xen/KVM VPS?

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Working on my new project: http://lunarhost.nut.cc/ (soon to come: zPanel hosting and resellers, all for the lovely price of $0.00!!!!)
Hope this make OK to the signature rules!!!!
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A rule in economy says that when something is free the demand is infinite, so while it manage to exist any quality won't be there for long time, and no guarantee for anything.
(H1F is a good example for that when speaking about VPS )

For private use I'd still prefer it free.
For business I'd prefer it paid (and hopefully get it back by tax refunds Smile)
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Thanks to http://freevps.us and https://fuzzyhosts.com for VPS 2.and thanks to all Admins and all Moderators

I'll simply put it this way.
Free = Non-Critical missions - testing, playing, learning.
Paid = Critical missions - hosting, work, business.
Free = ??? Support, Paid = Guaranteed support
Free = ??? Uptime, Paid = 99.9% Uptime or you get money back.
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THe Best hosting vps is free vps because you wont have to pay nothing Cheese
Of course the payed is better, why would people pay for it, free is for testing and learning.
Free is always better. It attracts more people and helps people who are on the fence on whether to try it out or not.

The trick is to earn your money from ads or other outer sources.
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Always paid things are better Tounge
But sometimes free services can beat them
But it all depends hw you want to use it
If you want to run a website for long time you will never prefer free hostings
But will even pay premium price for that
Thats what i do
Free is always better when you are new and testing some services.
But when we talk about business, then paid is better.
Free things are less secure
Paid things is much better sometimes

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