Must have apps for server admins!
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Midnight Commander

[Image: mc-macos.png]

It is my favorite tool.  :qq:

Its a full screen visual two sided file manager, similar to Total Commander.
It has text viewer and editor too.  
You can use mouse too.
It has a built-in ftp client.

It makes my life easier cause do not need to use cli all the time.

You can easily install on Debian/Ubuntu based systems with this command:
apt-get install mc
No one remember of screen?
To run multiple terminals and keep some programs running even you disconnect?
easy enough to keep apps running when you disconnect... just start them in daemon mode.

Knockd is handy if you're paranoid, as well as fail2ban (both with the purpose of defeating password attacks)
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Also a big fan of Anime, see my poor taste here.
I like Munin, shows live stats on server performance. It provides server hard drive temperature, failure rates, CPU load, and etcetera.

I find it useful for monitoring my cluster, but that's up to you Smile
My website:
I can add the 'iotop' there too.
Using it from time to time when I need to quickly get an info about IO load on the server.

If you need to have more convenient info about disk load you still need to run 'iostat'
If anybody know anything else please free to tell me!
Didnt see these things mentioned here (or on the how 2 secure VPS threads that i've seen) probably because they're auditing tools and geared more towards the paranoid admin than a typical user.
But in the spirit of sharing/informing i'll post a few tools i've found very helpful out a plethora of debugging tools.

chkrootkit - Checks if you've been owned, not really crucial for a properly configured VPS but for desktop users/the inexperienced its better to have it than not to have it.

chkrootkit is a fast and simple tool for checking for malware/rootkits on your system.
Pretty old tool but due to the nature of *nix worms it still can detect new things through heuristics.
Some say its a placebo however!

Lynis - One stop security auditing tool

Like basically everything mentioned in this thread lynis is a terminal application.
It does fall under the "paranoid admin" category but its quite useful as a "antivirus-class" placebo as it actually provides some really good detailed information about your system.
However if you plan on properly "hardening your system" lynis/lynis enterprise is an extremely valuable tool as it can be automated.

ISPProtect - Malware Scanner for web servers

In my honest opinion this should be a mandatory install on *nix servers that run wordpress (vanilla wordpress is fine tbh, but when you inevitably add plugins it gets a bit iffy)
Its a quick and simple to use terminal scanner that will go through your website directory and clean up any infected files aswell as informing you about any known vulnerable plugins/things you're running
The paid version automagically will also tell you if your CMS is out of date among other fun things.
You can setup a nightly cron job to run this and have the results emailed to you if you're running a mailserver in addition to your website.

Additional documentation and how to use the trial version can be found here:
I am  planning    to   use   tmux  tools soon   reason is   tmux support    multiple terminal  in single session  .

Hidden refuge  share very useful   tools  and  describe  nicely .

I'm using the Htop right now and it's pretty good for my VPS as still not having the cp I can keep track on the resource usage
Thank you HostUS and FreeVPS for a VPS15  Wink

htop is cool. You should try glances if you are into checking things and want a more organised and accessible data ..
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.

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