How to be a good user and get a free virtual private server
this is an helpful post because it's explaining to new users how the things are done.i know and i understand that you're doing a kind of favor to us giving us vps.but one hand washes another and together the face(that's a saying from Romania my country)and giving free vps( "free") u try to help other users making all of us to contribute with ideas,tutorials,useful stuff for others.let's say that somebody needs to know find out something that he or she didn find on other search engines.he or she will find it in here on this forum.i'm sorry for mmy english it's kind of rusty and i hope i didn't offend no one.have a great day and remember yu're doing not a good job but a great job helping others
Yes, you get paid for what you give. If you spent more time writing detailed paragraph in your post, you will indeed get good scores. Newbies often think that by spamming i.e. Posting unwanted/ useless contents or something that is common logic which not needed to be posted. But they have to understand that a user with 150 score and only 30 post can defeat a user with hundreds of post with score of 120, 130. So your content should be relevant, 'cause moderators keep an eye on them and if they found something wrong, instant deletion of the post and 10% warning! But I found one thing wrong, once you have got a VPS, you must have only 20 posts. And right now I am seeing an inactive guy gets active in the end of the month and gets tonnes of posts, and when we see them, they have nothing relevant! I have witnessed it, but I don't wanna call out their names. So there should be a change in the system, along with post counting, add score counting too. This will surely make users post completely relevant information. I will suggest that later.
Well, This is handy post for newbies who want to join this forum and acquire a VPS. Good things come to good people so be good and do good. Smile
True and if you are not generating any revenue from the posts created by the member that means you have to pay from your pocket. Even I request to all members to post valuable post before request for VPS
Enjoy free cloud cPanel web Hosting and you may read GoogieHost Reviews by real users
Let me tell you, The first thing is to Read The Rules because doesn't comprmise in their rules being deviated. Smile
Warm Regards,

this is really helpfull for new member and someone dont know where the VPS come from
i hope this will be sticked in the above
thanks for taught me many experience
and thanks for all administrator because they're helpfull and very friendly Laugh
congrats on getting your tutorial
True and if you are not generating any revenue from the posts created by the member that means you have to pay from your pocket. Even I request to all members to post valuable post before request for VPS
This tutorial is very helpful to new users, but not find vps free website.
Great tutorial and guidelines for the new user for this forums.
This should be stickied. And people should read this you know, they make like random awful posts like this one I just found
These people should be banned.

This thread is for me.

WTF??? what does this mean? Are you mad or something? You own this thread or what? this thread is for me? LOL

My anme is ANIL KUMAR

anme?? its NAME. not ANME. LOL you have horrible english, you know.

I am new here

Yes we can see that from your post count and the quality of your posts.

I dont know how to start here .

LOL did you read the tutorial or what. Are you SPAM?? or just Dumb?

So I de ceide to post here.

Come on spell decide properly atleast. This is just sh*t

In conclusion. I would like to say, you should be banned because you are here simple to get 30 posts and then get a VPS, thats all, you don't wan't to contribute anything to the community here. This is just horrible.

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