How to be a good user and get a free virtual private server
Many people come here thinking offers free servers. This is not true, contrary to what the name of this website may tell you. We require you to be a good member, which requires some effort (not much, however). You cannot just make 30 awful posts, and request a server. The servers provided by actually cost us. For example, VPS2 would normally cost $15 monthly. provides an expensive service, but we also expect something from you - good, helpful posts. Make good posts, get good service. Make awful posts, get awful service (if you will even receive a server during giveaway). This guide is intended to help you making good, quality posts.

This post may look long and scary, but it only contains things you need. Don't ignore this post, or you may get banned because of awful posts, which is probably something you don't want.

Step 1. Introduce yourself to the community

You may feel lost in this big community. No problem, this is what this guide intended to help with, after all. Visit the Introductions forum, and press "New thread" button. It's a great point to start with the website.

Next, try to say something about yourself. What's your name, what are you interested with, why you registered here. You don't need to say much, but it would be nice to say at least what I mentioned. You don't need good English, but try to at least avoid typical chat speak - use "you" instead of "u", start sentences with uppercase letters, and end sentences with dots. This will make your post easier to read. This an example of good introduction post.

(2014-02-26, 8:25:30 am)rawalbaig Wrote:  My name is Rawal, and I'm a newbie on the forum. I think it's better to introduce myself before I become active on the forum. I'm a professional designer and programmer working mostly off-line and targeting local businesses. I work with CMS systems such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal. I'm creating business websites using those, and I love working with them.

I never have used any VPS before, and I think is offering me a good opportunity to work with servers.

After finishing the post, put anything in topic name (many people put "Hello" here), as the topic doesn't have much of importance in Introductions forum. Finally, press "Post Thread".

Step 2. Write posts

You probably don't have VPS right now, unless you applied for a VPS somewhere else. No problem with that, you can still make posts without having a server. Look at the "Other" category on the main page, as the posts here usually don't require you to know anything about managing servers. Read the threads, try to reply to posts when you can. Don't look into pages below the first one, usually those contain discussions nobody cares about.

Thinking where to make post can be difficult, but there is no rush. After that, the process will be easier and easier, and you will get used to posting here. For example, let's assume you want to reply to the topic called "Must have APPS (Android)". Contribute to the discussion somehow, even if it's a small contribution. In this case, try to write the applications you like, and something about them, like there.

(2014-04-13, 9:25:30 pm)xfix Wrote:  In my opinion, the following applications are great.
  • AirDroid - it makes moving files between computer and phone easier. You don't have to connect the cable anymore, and you can use the SD card on the phone while accessing the files.
  • AndChat - Android doesn't have too many good IRC clients available, however AndChat does mostly everything I need.
  • ES File Explorer - the file manager that is way better than built-in file managers (assuming your phone has a file manager).
  • Opera Mobile Classic - even when outdated, it's quite fast, and can open lots of tabs. Definitely more stable than other options.

Feel free to also reply to other posts by pressing "Reply" button, if you disagree on certain point, or want to answer some inaccuracy. Remove the parts that aren't relevant to your post in quote, and write your helpful response. This is an example of a good reply, where I removed most of the original message, aside of "try Smile", which is relevant for the reply.

(2014-04-13, 9:39:47 pm)xfix Wrote:  
(2014-03-29, 11:44:32 am)kbstrom Wrote:  try Smile

I would avoid w3schools for reasons mentioned at If you are a beginner, I would recommend Web development guide for beginners at instead.

There are lots of good posts to reply to, feel free to contribute to discussion. It's even recommended.

However, don't post anything like "thank you, it's really helpful", as this doesn't contribute to the discussion. If you ever will want to thank someone, press [Image: ratepost.png] in bottom left corner of the post, and press "Add Rating" - writing thank you posts only annoys others, and they will be removed.

Feel free to post a lot. 30 posts and 55 score (note that points aren't score) is minimum to get a VPS, but it's easily possible to write more. Don't concern yourself too much about points, if you make good posts, you should easily get 55 score before you will even reach 30 posts. However, don't stop posting when you reach 30 posts - the bigger your score is, the bigger the chance of receiving the server is. Besides, posting is fun.

3. The giveaway

On 12th of each month, the giveaways start, and last 4 days. If you made 30 posts and at least 55 score (not points) by then, you are free to apply. Enter the VPS Giveaways forum, and enter the newest thread. This will have the list of available servers which are available. If you want, you can compare them using my VPS comparator. When you decided which servers interest you, you are free to apply. You can apply for multiple servers in order, so if you won't receive one, you may receive another.

After deciding what to get, enter the VPS Request. Don't panic when you notice that the forum is empty - this is normal, as this forum is configured to only let thread owners and administrators read threads here. Press "New Thread", and specify the title in the following format.

VPS(s) you're requesting -  your username - your score

For example, if you are interested in VPS2, VPS5, VPS7, or VPS18, your username is santaclaus, and you have 232.11 score (again, please note that score is different from points), you can write the following thread title.

VPS2, VPS5, VPS7 or VPS18 - santaclaus - 232.11

Next, the post content. Please use the following template, and fill it with the actual data. Don't lie, or the staff will detect it, and you will get banned. We really need your address just in case you would abuse your server (to protect ourselves), but please don't abuse our free servers, as it's both problematic to us and you.

Quote:Planned usage of the VPS:
Full name:
Full home address:
Email address:
Phone number:

For example, if your name is John Smith, you live at 114 Willits Street in Birmingham, your e-mail is, your phone number is +1 248-593-4000, and you want to make analytics services, you can fill the post like this.

Quote:Planned usage of the VPS: I would like to start analytics services for webmasters who don't trust huge analytics companies such as Google with data, but run static webpages (such as GitHub Pages).
Full name: John Smith
Full home address: North America, United States, MI 48009, Birmingham, 114 Willits Street
Email address:
Phone number: +1 248 593 4000

If the thread wasn't closed, that means the giveaway wasn't finished, and you may still get your server. At end, the thread will be either closed (better luck next time), or the new post with server information will be given.

4. The server

Have you received the server. That's great. Login into web panel using the information given in the post. If this is OpenVZ server, you can reinstall the operating system, change root password using option in management panel, and login using SSH. With KVM follow the tutorials at

After you managed to install the operating system, follow the security advice at Your server being hacked is the last thing you and wants. Enjoy your stay, and remember to write posts, threads, and replies. You have to make 20 posts monthly, but don't let this stop you from posting more than 20 posts monthly. If you will be good enough member, you may be given a permission to run a game server if you ask, a permission that is not given to new people.

Also, if you used your server for a while, feel free to make a review of your server. You can do it in Free VPS Reviews. The sponsors here want reviews, and writing good reviews may improve the servers for every user. However, if you don't think to make a good review, don't write an awful review - it's better to not post a review than to post an awful review. Benchmarks aren't a review, write a few words about a server, what you like on it, what you dislike, and so on, instead of just posting benchmarks. Providers, staff and users here will be happy if you make a good review.

To read an example of good review, please see

That's probably everything. If you read everything here, I'm sure you will be a good user of FreeVPS. Having a server is a responsibility, but you have a great community to help you if you have any issues with a server.

tl;dr (why you won't read this, honestly) - don't be dumb, be nice, post useful stuff, use your VPS
There are 10 sorts of people in the world; those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who thought this was a binary joke.
This is the best ever tutorial i've seem, a must read for a new member. Should be in sticky. Thanks for improving the standards and helping, inspring others too.
This tutorial is very helpful to new users, they must read this before using this forum. xfix will you add some information about the rules of this forum in your this guide, which will also help the new users, and they must aware of the rules Via this guide. Thanks you xfix for sharing the important views and guide for using this forum in good way.

this thread deserves to be sticky as it's all what was needed, detailed and easy.
xfix, You write a great tutorial and it also helps the newbie users to be a good member and keep their vps as long as they want.
You can also add a link to Forum rules in your thread, so users can find all information in just one thread.
Ok, let me explain once again. It's explained in the guide, but it appears that some of you don't understand it. No problem, it may be too long, so I'm just going to explain that one point separately.

Do not post "thank you" replies. Just don't. Press [Image: ratepost.png] at bottom-left corner of the post instead. Such replies only add spam to the forums.
There are 10 sorts of people in the world; those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who thought this was a binary joke.
this is an helpful post because it's explaining to new users how the things are done.i know and i understand that you're doing a kind of favor to us giving us vps.but one hand washes another and together the face(that's a saying from Romania my country)and giving free vps( "free") u try to help other users making all of us to contribute with ideas,tutorials,useful stuff for others.let's say that somebody needs to know find out something that he or she didn find on other search engines.he or she will find it in here on this forum.i'm sorry for mmy english it's kind of rusty and i hope i didn't offend no one.have a great day and remember yu're doing not a good job but a great job helping others
Yes, you get paid for what you give. If you spent more time writing detailed paragraph in your post, you will indeed get good scores. Newbies often think that by spamming i.e. Posting unwanted/ useless contents or something that is common logic which not needed to be posted. But they have to understand that a user with 150 score and only 30 post can defeat a user with hundreds of post with score of 120, 130. So your content should be relevant, 'cause moderators keep an eye on them and if they found something wrong, instant deletion of the post and 10% warning! But I found one thing wrong, once you have got a VPS, you must have only 20 posts. And right now I am seeing an inactive guy gets active in the end of the month and gets tonnes of posts, and when we see them, they have nothing relevant! I have witnessed it, but I don't wanna call out their names. So there should be a change in the system, along with post counting, add score counting too. This will surely make users post completely relevant information. I will suggest that later.
Well, This is handy post for newbies who want to join this forum and acquire a VPS. Good things come to good people so be good and do good. Smile
True and if you are not generating any revenue from the posts created by the member that means you have to pay from your pocket. Even I request to all members to post valuable post before request for VPS
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