FreeVPS Post Count Script.
It also helps with the load of the forum. I myself disabled signatures as well. Kinda ironic since I'm the one who hosts it. My internet speed ain't fast. It helped a lot with the load time :3

(I might modify my mirror to make it crawl the forum in intervals instead of caching the image on the user's browser tho. That might be another project once I have some freetime.)
Alright, I'll remove that from my signature too as well then, so users in the forum with slow network can load it faster.
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

[Image: img.php?userid=19316]
I actually like those post counters. They give me an immediate update of what my post status for the month and for the posting session is. I've never had issues with the post counter links, other than that they aren't working at the moment, but I have had issues with other links in signatures - my Kaspersky keeps commenting on those. no more work, I think the host is down, please update the links on first post, between I think there is no problem with puttinga link to.the counter in the signature.It will not make much load than loading just the text, no extra calls.

Yeah, I'm currently very busy since school is starting in a few weeks. I haven't been able to make some time to fix that.
Unfortunate, really liked the script. Hope you find the time, thanks!
[Image: img.php?userid=8551]
My mirror is now back up.

I also made a json api{userid}

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