Premium cPanel hosting from 1$ per month
Setup finished ,Linux server in Florida fully working.
Quad-Core AMD Opteron
SSD storage
Plesk panel 11.5
One month trial order
Good going, but people mayn't prefer buying domain at this rate. I suggest bundling hosting with domain to increase sales :-)
Well I can put price 3-5$ on plans like other providers and give free domain and I will probably put some plans with free domain,but my start plan 1$/month or 11/year will stay without domain,as it is already cheap,don't forget it is multidomain plan and you can put 5 websites there and if domains are not high PR you will not have to upgrade plan at least for six months till you earn some money.i don't want to oversell my servers i can earn just fine without that,there is still huge number of people who wants quality instad of junk.just go and do IP lookop for some most popular providers and you will see,you will find 200 domains on only 1 IP.
Do you allow using free domains at your webhost?

The Specs are good enough for my personal blog. Smile
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Yes it is alowed,you can use what ever you won't domain name ,it is your space.
I have also .TK registration so you can register it directly from client area and it worked perfectly till 24.04, they have problem with API call and I had even problem to access my reseller account,so if got error just try again latter.I will check is problem solved.
Now all plans come with unmetered traffic,lowest plan 6$/year 1GB storage and unmetered BW.
pricing table:

Also i have some un-used .com and .info domains valid for almost whole year and users who buy any year package can ask any of available for free,i will give it for free and they will get whole control.Lowest yearly price is 6$/year, 1GB storage and unmetered BW (real PR3)
Are you using a reseller account?
It seems so because you cannot offer 'unlimited' because of your reseller restrictions. I'd order, but I already have a cPanel VPS.
Good luck with your host anyways!
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