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Live Chat is offline but is online? I don't understand...
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Just found this, not sure what the difference is between the two brands.

Anyway, pricing seems alright. Not sure how much unlimited you can get. Are the cPanel licenses legitimate?
You're reselling? I thought that you were using your own servers, nelsa1412. Upon visiting the cPanel URL demo, I see an SSL error from another company (unless you own that, but I highly doubt it)...
My website: https://dawgy.pw
(2015-10-16, 10:41:44 am)doghouch Wrote:  Live Chat is offline but is online? I don't understand...
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Hi,live Chat was offline because new 3.6.0 blesta was released and I had to upgrade some files of Live Chat plugin.You need to understand how live chat widget work first , live chat wiget will auto-change  offline or online state depending is support staff is loged in to admin area and if it is available for chat you will see ONLINE but even if state is offline you can submit ticket directly from widget.
That second ONLINE you see on page is hardcoded,  so just live chat widget shows you offline at some point doesn't mean staff is not online it just mean staff is not available for chat but you can still call phone or submit ticket(every staff can change chat state to offline even if it is online).
Now it is confusing because widget solution is added later but in same time first term was never removed or at least changed to something else....like just support online,I will fix it latter , any way new template is in work and I will set this completly differently.
As for second question no  I'm not selling any hosting plans cPanel or Plesk on reseller service,you will get account on my own menaged servers and I provide reseller plans also but I have few cPanel reseller accounts which I use for my personal needs and developer needs because it is cheaper than pay for licence and I use it also(in cPanel case) as third level backup  for arhive, it is not good to have all files in one network but I don't have any clients there not even I give for free as sponsorship(Plesk powered servers are all my menaged).
Some one asked for erichosting.com,I buy that domain with some active clients from ex-owner about a year ago and it was active almost 1 year as 301 redirection to nelsahost.com ,after all my clients were transfered to my billing sistem I sell it and it is not mine.
My domains are nelsahost.com/nelsahost.eu/nelsahost.org/nelsahost.pl/ ,all domains point to same website,I have more active domains but not related to NelsaHost,.
Okay. Thank you for clarifying @nelsahost. That clears some things up Smile
My website: https://dawgy.pw

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