What is your screen resolution?
I am using the standard resolution 1152 x 864 with the 32 bits and using landscape orientation.

my current resolution is 1280x720 , this is an old laptop that i still use for daily works and internet surfing and still works very well.
The resolution of my monitor is 1280x720, it is a 16' monitor from acer.
I am using a Acer (18 inch I think?) LCD screen from 2007. Have no idea how i run 1440x900 on it
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my laptop screen resolution is 1600 x
900 pixels.
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Desktop; 3200x1080px (21.5" @ 1920x1080px + 19" @ 1280x1024px)
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Notebook; 1366x768px and/or 3286x1080px (21.5" @ 1920x1080px + 15.*" @ 1366x768px)
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Screen Info
Res: 1280x800 bits 32
Screen Type: Laptop
Shape: Rectangle
Info String: 1280x800x32xLaptopxRectangle
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My screen resolution is 1366x768, prolly the standard resolution for laptops
I have a 1920x1080 primary monitor and a 720p (not sure of the exact resolution because windows doesn't seem want to output the highest the monitor supports, so its slightly lower than what it could be)

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