tightvncserver vs vnc4server vs X11vnc
Which VNC server is the best to use (for Debian/Ubuntu)? I've been using vnc4server but someone told me tightvncserver is better.
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No one has an answer? I thought more people would know...
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tightvnc offers better compression and performance options.
x11vnc offers better security focus ( can be secured with SSH or SSL.) but it's known to be slower.
Never used vnc4server or heard much about it, but it's probability not the most popular for a reason... so I can safely assume it doesn't beat tightvncserver performance (which is your best bet IMO among the three) .

Don't take that as a full answer though. I never bothered researching too much about those fine differences. Long time ago I used tightvncserver on some Debian machines... it was ok... until I switched to NX protocol which is much faster and more secure, while also easier to setup. You can search for my X2GO tutorial here if you want to try.
I will suggest you to use tightvncserver, Tightvnc offer you a great performance than the other two. TightVNC was made slightly more user-friendly and you can easily access on it. I always used tightvnc for my vps.

i used tightvncserver and it is very good . very lightweight and very fast too .
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used tightvncserver, and its optimized too, rather than others,
so my vouch for tightvncserver rather than vnc4server
i use FreeNX and tightvncserver. i rarely use tightvncserver because it use much resource if compare with FreeNX but the tightvncserver is better then vnc4server.
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On my script I used vnc4server
I'm not very sure, but I thought that it was the same of tightvnc. Maybe I'm wrong
I use tightvnc, but really, if you're using VNC, the only way to do it securely is through a tunnel. Only have a system listen on localhost, and tunnel the connection to it. You lost performance, but gain security, but VNC isn't known for being the best performing thing anyway, it is known for being insecure though. I do not recommend using it on any VPS because I do not recommend having an X server on a VPS. When I use VNC, I use it to show people how to do things at work when I'm at a remote site.
will a vnc server takes too much bandwidth, cpu times or memory ?
i was never try vnc service on a vps box
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